Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm up early this morning, so I decided, hey, why not blog while I'm up and do something productive. I decided this is going to be the weekend that I write an article about something. At this moment I have no idea what it is going to be about, or who I'm going to submit it to, but I am determined to start and finish something of substance this weekend. Every now and then I get this feeling, and I am not being true to myself unless I fulfill it. One thing this blog has shown me, is that the writing process is a weird thing man..there are times when I really feel like something is on my mind, and the blog comes out EXACTLY the way I had thought it out. Then there are other times(like this one) when I really don't know what the hell I am going to write, and then once I am one or two sentences deep, I just start flowing unexpectedly and it turns out to be a halfway decent blog. Then I have some instances when I have absolutely nothing to say, and the blog just sucks ass..but for some reason those turn out to be "popular". I have also learned that if I EVER have writer's block, the best place for me to go would be the airport. I ALWAYS feel inspired to write paragraph after paragraph in the airport..there are just so many damn many people. I also have this fantasy that I would be asked to write about and chronicle an orgy from start to someone would ask me to tastefully write about that experience for GQ or something. that would be absolutely fabulous...

**awkward segue**

So mother's day weekend is here, and I kind of feel like a bad son, because I am not going with my mother to Akron, Ohio. She asked me to go with her, and I just did not feel like going. She wanted to drive out there, which means we would have to leave Saturday morning, do that 6 hour drive, spend the night, go to church, then leave from Akron early afternoon. I was simply not up to that..then she said we could fly, and I turned that down too. Every year I go with her, but this year I just was not up to it, and she said she understood but I know she doesnt. I will send flowers, write the card of life, and take her out upon her return and hopefully that will be enough. I just hate going to Akron sometimes..its the armpit of America has one of my friends so affectionately put it. This is flaw #3455 of times i can be selfish without reason. Shoot me in the ass. Besides, its my brother's turn to take one for the team anyway, I been doing it for years...

Sweet Misery - Amel Larrieux


Janelle said...

You and your damn awkward segues!! :)
Once again, you've superbly outlined the frustations I feel daily when I attempt to write this here blog. Bravo, my friend.

Question: Does this orgy take place at the airport??? Or does someone walk up to you with a plane ticket and asks you to write the orgy masterpiece of the century??? I'm just wondering

hadassah444 said...

whatever you decide to write about
just make it H-O-T!!!!

happy writing and enjoy your weekend

Jo said...

What time was it?

And did you make up for your Mother's Day absence yet?

If it helps, I missed mine, too. No card, no gift, just a mid-afternoon phone call to say Happy Mother's Day and aplogize for not sending anything. She said not to apologize, that I send enough stuff. I said okay, but felt like shit . . . like a selfish little shit to be EXACT! Gosh . . . it suck sto grow up and get selfish . . .everyone else has to feel the sting . ..