Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ok so I was dead wrong about the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight. I thought De La Hoya was going to be more aggressive than what he ways, but I was wrong. In the end, the speed and elusiveness of Mayweather took Oscar out of his game plan. He did land occasionally when Mayweather was on the ropes, but he didn't do enough in the middle of the ring. If he was able to land some quality, hard shots in the middle of the ring, he would have won the fight. Mayweather is taking criticism for fighting a boring fight, but that's what he does..he does enough to win. He doesnt go for a knockout, he doesn't try to look cute, he tries to win and that's what you're supposed to do...although it doesn't translate to putting butts in the boxing arenas. And to people crying racism over the decision, please shut the hell up. it was a close fight, but De La Hoya lost. There's really no need for a rematch, because the exact same thing would happen..but selfishly speaking I would love to see one..

Prior to the fight, I went to the Eric Roberson show, but I only saw three songs and then I had to go see the fight. I was told I had a problem, because I ditched the show for the fight, but hey, sports rules everything around me right now. Had I been thinking, I would have sold my ticket, but I assumed that the show would start on time which means I really wasn't thinking too smart. Anyway, while I was out that night, I caught up with my uncle, who made me drink(ok I did it willingly) his favorite drink of Hennessy and Dr. Pepper(don't try that at home). While we were drinking, he was telling me about his nearly two year old marriage and how miserable he was, and how he didn't know what he was going to do. Listening to him, just further confirmed what I have thought for awhile, and that is marriage is hard, real hard. It doesn't scare me away or anything, I just know that at times it will be fantastic, other times it will be boring, and other times it will be hard. I asked my uncle if he was willing to fight for it, and he said hell yes..but he needed to vent, and I listened to him. Ok I must admit at some point while he was talking, I was like man forget marriage..but then I'm came back to Earth. But that's natural right? I do want to find someone and spend the rest of my life with them, but I just have to know that when things go wrong, I can't get mad and go sleep with someone..I have to stay in there and work it out. I wonder if I'll be blogging then, that will be a hell of a stress reliever.

During the Sopranos yesterday, I had an epiphany. One of the characters, Chris, is a recovering alcoholic, and at one point he was getting frustrated, because his old friends weren't respecting the fact that he was trying to steer clear of some of his old habits. I won't go into the plot too deeply, but it made me wonder about what would happen if I converted to Islam, or I became a vegan, or if I had the ghey, or something drastic, how would my friends and family react. Would they be accepting? Would they try to shoot me down? Or would that say, oh that's nice, and continue to be the friends that they always had been. I can say that for the most part my friends have been understanding of my inconsistent, manic behavior. one time my friend Cliff took me aside and called me out on something, as did my friend Kevin at one point. Even when I was going thru my religious phase back in '03, they respected..of course they took a few jabs at me, but that's their job. I just wonder will that kind of support from them and others continue no matter what..and I think it will. But who knows what of change is in store for me..I'm babbling now. But my point is it is interesting to see how if you grow, do your friends go too, or do you have certain friends who are good for one period of time, and then you outgrow them...and if you outgrow them, were they really friends, or were they just convenient at the time...I guess when and if I outgrow a friend I can speak on it better. That Sopranos episode just made me think about it though.

And yes it is 1:19am when I am posting this blog entry. I slept all day Sunday, and now I am wired baby. I can't even act like I'm sleepy and force myself to go to sleep. This is a lonely hour..most normal people are sleep, there's nothing on tv, and I really don't want to watch a regular movie or a dirty one. So i'm blogging butt even this can't go on all night. And if I did, who would want to read that shit? So I sit here, unshowered, in a wife beater and warm up pants, wondering how to pass the time..perhaps I'll read or something..This staying up late is going to make it hard for me to get up and run later on this morning..which brings me to another point. Watching the bodies of De La Hoya and Mayweather made me want to work out with reckless abandon. And I mean that in a very heterosexual way.

i'm done now..i'm going to lay in bed, listen to sports talk radio, and ponder life.

Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

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I like the new layout, but can you make the day and date headers bigger and a bit darker? They blend in with the rest of the text and are a bit hard to find . . . it's also a bit wierd to be typing on the left now . . . otherwise, good job and nice layout . . . is your myspace page next?