Thursday, May 03, 2007

You ever listen to your favorite song, and hear one part that you just cannot get out of your head. You keep rewinding and rewinding, and you wish someone was around, so that they could hear it too. THIS is the real reason why blogs were created, just so you could share these private, and previously elusive moments with friends and family. I'm sitting here at work, listen to a song, and I hear my favorite part for the 1000th time, and I say to myself, someone else needs to hear this. So now you will get the chance

Yes I have posted this song before..twice before in fact, but now you have something to listen for..starting at the 3:54 mark of I Want You by Marvin Gaye and ending at the 3:56 mark, you'll hear the following in the background: ooooooooWEEEEoooooo. Yes the rest of the song is great, but that part is beautiful to me. its haunting, its chilling, and other things that i don't possess the vocabulary to describe yet.

Please tell me you hear it


Bashful said...

Thanks! It was a much needed pick me up. :)

Jo said...

LOL! You are right! LOL! It is Eerily Haunting (term made up by me). And yes, it's going in the playlist.