Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First off, my article about my son, my dad and I was finally published here. It seems like a long time ago, but I hope it is still a good read.

Sticking with the same theme of fathers and son(stay with me now), I watched the BET awards last night. Now normally, I steer clear of such shows because they are simply based on fluff, but on I decided to let loose a bit and watch the event with a friend of mine while we dined and sipped on fine wine, and yes I am inclined to rhyme when its the right time.(I couldn't resist being corny here my apologies). Anyway, at one point during the show, there was a tribute to Gerald Levert, and I had to watch his father Eddie Levert sing along with Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight and Yolanda Adams. But my main focus was on Eddie. I have NO idea how he was able to sing a song on stage, that he had sung with his now deceased son. I also have no idea how devastating it must be to out live a child that I created. In that article above, I wrote about how important and fun it is to pass on to your children, what your parents have taught you, so that they can eventually do the same. So I have no idea how it feels to do just that, only to have you son or daughter pass this case at 39 I believe. I'm sure he's happy to have shared time, sang songs, and raise a man, but at the same time Eddie Levert has to be thinking damn, why am I still here and he's not. Or perhaps this is another example of me making more of this than it really is, although I didn't feel like that while I was watching last night. It was powerful stuff.

So between now and next Friday, God willing of course, I will have determined if I'm going to stay in this area, or move to Chicago, I will have a more permanent place to stay, and I will have yet another article published about the NBA draft. If and when I pull all that off, I will impose a moratorium on sad and depressing blog entries for awhile.

I'd Have You Anytime - George Harrison


Jamal said...

Really good article. It's a shame that Nazir and I could not be there.

Bashful said...

Rashad the article was great! For some reason I am only focusing on the part where you spoke of tripping a child or

I normally don't watch award shows either, however large amounts of peer pressure from my girlfriends had me up until after eleven watching bammas such as 50 cent prance around on stage.

The tribute to Gerald was so sweet and special. I cannot imagine the pain his father felt loosing his child... an experience that I will prayerfully never have endure.

Sha said...

wine makes everything fine.

maxwellsmusze said...

Great article! What a great father's day. Although, losing steam and nodding off at an outdoor sporting event is pretty pathetic.