Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am more than a little disappointed that NO ONE commented on that damn song I posted in yesterday's blog. I have never been a big fan of the Beatles or anyone in the group, but a few years back a friend of mine turned me on to this particular George Harrison song, and I have dug it ever since. Of course, when I attempt to play it for someone they look at me like I'm from crazy town. But it doesn't even appear anyone bothered to listen and Rashad is hurt by that.

Speaking of the third person, tonight is the 2007 NBA Draft, and I must admit I am really hyped up for this. The coverage itself is extremely over the top(whatever that means), and I think the draft alone can market itself, but ESPN makes sure that you know its coming. There will be fluff stories, stupid questions, crying mothers, stoic fathers, and eager girlfriends who will surely be dumped before the regular season starts. But the meat of the draft is about the players, the teams they are going to, and trying to project how good of a fit they will be on their new teams. I must admit that I am not too optimistic that my beloved Washington Wizards will do anything of substance but we shall see. I can't wait to watch, and I am dreading writing about it at the same time. I know about halfway through it is going to be hopelessly boring and I'll regret committing myself. But hey I'm a trooper..

Enough of this 40 is the new 30, 30 is the new 20 bullshit...seriously. This is all part of the collective denial that some folks seem to relish on in this country. To explain my point, I will use the great Michael Jordan. When Michael Jordan was in his 20s, he got by on impressive athletic ability. He didn't do too much thinking, he just physically imposed his will on his teammates and his opponents. But even he'll admit, he was not quite mentally strong yet. Once Michael Jordan hit 30, he was able to combine his stronger mental game with the physicality he had developed. He wasn't quite as dominant physically as he was in his 20s, but the mental part of his game was so sharp, that you really didn't notice. This is when MJ was master of his domain so to speak. He wasn't 20 anymore, but he was still carrying those lessons he learned to make him a better player. Fast forward to age 40..Jordan's physical gifts were all but gone, but he could summon them every now and then if need be. But mentally, MJ was as sharp as ever, and now he was in the mode of teaching, giving back, and figuring out a way to maintain his edge. The youthfulness wasn't gone, but he had to work harder to maintain, but he was still reaping the benefits of his smarter years in his 30s. MJ was also preparing himself for the future while in his 40s. But there were CLEARLY some things that MJ couldn't do anymore, because he was neither 20 nor 30. Ok this analogy lost a bit of steam, but you get my point. At no point, can you just arbitrarily decide that the age you are, is really a decade younger..that's denial to me.

I'm all over the map this morning.


R Kelly - For You


Sha said...

all that bitchin in the first paragraph made me go back and listen for your sanity..and guess what?..the file was not maybe that's why no one commented

Jamal said...

Not to disregard your blog this morning but those Serena Williams pictures are wonderful. Good stuff.

maxwellsmusze said...

oops i should've read the blog first. you were right its a good song:)

GemEnigma said...

At least people LEAVE comments on YOUR blog.

With the exception of you, my friends suck in that regard.

Great song, by the way. I'm imagining a smoke filled room and low-eyes behind rose-colored glasses. I feel the heaviness of my Peace medallion hanging from a chain around my neck and can not help but to bob my head side to side, in tune with the intonations of the music. Yep, I was taken back in time to before I was born.

nichole said...

(i still haven't listened to the song).

those serena pictures really don't seem that flattering.
all y'all just seeing flesh and that's enough?

and that's not hate.

or maybe it's just about seeing an object of affection in near-nakedness??
i can understand that.