Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I got on the train this morning in a terrific state of mind. I actually got 6-7 hours of sleep last night, which hasn't happened in quite some time. I felt rested and ready for a great day..or as good of a day that can be had spent in an office and not on the beach with a beautiful woman on top of me. I digress..I stepped on the train listening to this song, and notice this older lady(about 45-50) keeps looking over at me. I am standing up, she is sitting down; I am reading the paper, and so is she; but I had my IPOD on at a relatively high volume, because the song I was playing requires me to do just that. After looking over at me about three times, she finally gets my attention, and says to me, "Your music is quite loud". Now I heard her the first time, but I removed my headphones, but some bass in my voice, and seriousness in my eyes, and said "Excuse me?" To her credit, she didn't back down at all, and she repeated herself. Staying true to my Rashad-like nature, I asked her if my music was louder than the noises on the train, and she said yes. Then, almost as if the Gods decided that they were in a smartass mood too, her cellphone rang and our entire side of the train turned around, because HER cellphone sounded like it sitting next to the mic of a bullhorn. Before I put my headphones back on, I looked at her, smirked, and said, "Now THAT my friend is irony". And she rolled her eyes. Some thuggery almost crept to my lips and made me say, "WHAT NOW BITCH?". But I have too much class to say that, but clearly not enough to not write it.

As I told a few people last night, flat front pants are NOT for me. I understand pleats aren't cool, and I also understand it could be I just haven't found the right kind that make my boys feel comfortable and all that, but until then I'm cursing those pants to high hell. I had some on yesterday, I tried some on last night, and I can't get comfortable. It's like sleeping under the covers with your feet sticking out..now I know my ass isn't small, but come on man, by no means am I fat or overweight, and I see them in clothes that fit all the time. Of course, it would help if I spent about 40-45 minutes, actually trying on different styles and options to see what made me comfortable, but who has the time or patience to do all of that? Its bad enough I have to now go to the grocery stores, instead of getting them delivered.

Here is my take on the upcoming Spurs/Cavs series. Lebron is great, Tim Duncan is better. Lebron's teammates are solid, Tim Duncan's teammates are better. The Pistons were older and unorganized, the Spurs are the most consistent team in the NBA over the past 10 years and they are led by Tim Duncan. Now Lebron's greatness, especially in Cleveland, is good enough to get his team 2 victories at best. But there is no way in the world, you can tell me that Cleveland will beat them 4 times. And it'll be a pleasure to see Lebron's 45 year old, crestfallen face(you don't believe he's 22 do you?)as the Spurs celebrate their 4th championship in 9 years. And then as he's being interviewed after the loss, I want one of the journalists to look him square in the eye and say this to him. I'm openly taking offers from people as to what I should be made to do if the Cavs somehow win. But it won't happen.

Back in the High Life-Steve Winwood


Sha said...

I'm worried for the Cavs...The Spurs use to be "my" team when i was in the 10th/11th grade..but u're absolutely correct...The Spurs are a well oiled machine..

The music stand off->u 2 should've had a dance off like Michael Jackson/Michael Peters ala Beat It..but with NewsPapers and Commuters beating on the windows..

In Closing...Upgrade ya earbuds

TM said...

I agree with Sha, UPGRADE! I love my noise canceling ear buds. It's well worth the investment and I got them for under $40.

Wynter said...

Hey I got your post but you are supposed to do a blog about your own...if you want, besides mine is a family friendly blog and yours get a little risky!! ha

Jo said...

Okay . . .I solidified it . . .flat fronts are in and pleats are out . . .it's too bad you have a big butt (apparently the flat front ones aren't as comfortable fo ryou BID BOOTIED men). . .here's what the fashonistas have to say about it: