Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It really irks me when people who claim to be men and women of God act snobbish when someone who may not be as into the church as they are, has a question. It would be different if they said they didn't have the answer, but they would find it, or if they just pointed me to a particular passage in the Bible, because then I would have a tremendous amount of respect for them. But to look at me in a condescending way and say, "Maybe if you went to church more you would understand", makes me want to do things that I am QUITE sure are not in the Bible despite my lack of a full command of the good book. When someone asks me a question about sports, I do my best to be as thorough as I possibly can with my answer. Why? Well one I know that I either know or can find the answer. But two, I want that person to be informed, so that when see it on their own, they can say to themselves, Rashad taught me that. That's a beautiful thing. Even if I make fun of someone for not knowing something sports related, I eventually give them the answer. But never do I just say, well if you watched more sports you'd know. What the hell is that? Part of being a man or woman of God is teaching those who may be "behind" you, and if you can't teach them, point them in the right direction. But to turn away someone who is seeking knowledge in any walk of life not just church..especially when you have that knowledge is asinine.

How did this come up? I asked a co-worker of mine(first mistake) how we really know God is giving us a sign, and its not just our own selfish wants and desires. I think that God was trying to tell me something when he spared my laptop and little else in that fire, and I think he was sending me message with the fire as well. But if I go to the liquor store(as I did today) and try to buy something with my credit card, only to be told its cash only, is that a sign that I shouldn't drink? Or is it a sign that I need to work harder for that drink by taking my ass to an ATM to get some cash? So I sought out this woman of God, and she proceeded to tell me that I needed to be in church, and I need to understand how to pray and only there would I get the answers. Not that annoyed me, but I got over it. Then she started using the "you people" phrase. You people who don't go to church are always asking questions, and the only real answer is in church. So then I asked her if she ever had questions while in church, and she said yes but that's different. At this point, I realized that I had let this go, because clearly we weren't going to see eye to eye. She could have pointed me to a verse, referred me to her pastor, call on her own experience and all that. Instead I just got a bunch of bull. Perhaps I'm overreacting here..


Miss Black River said...

Your co-worker needs to offer some sound advice, not clipped remarks. Don't be discouraged by her though because she hasn't been taught any better.

Jo said...

You need to stop drinking . . . that's why it was cash only to buy liquor. And yes, it was a sign from God! LOL!

And yeah . . .to say you people was definitely this woman being or acting somehow better or more privileged than you . . .who does she think she is? LOL!