Monday, June 25, 2007

So, in case you haven't heard, I have been living the nomadic lifestyle, and today's travels find me in Arlington, Virginia. I am right across the street from Pentagon City, and if you ask how I found this place, I found it via craigslist. This dude named Jeff is renting out his room for a bit, and i responded to the ad, and I arrived today. It wasn't until I arrived, that I realized that Jeff had a touch of the ghey. He and his partner stay here, and based on what i've seen and heard, Jeff used to be in the army, and he also used to be married, but neither one of those things are true anymore. And on top of that, his lovah stays here in the house with him. However, I am upstairs, and all of their business seems to be conducted downstairs, so I am at peace with this situation. Not to mention, this place is pristine clean, which is one of those stereotypical traits of men with the ghey. This feels like one of those safe spaces I spoke about yesterday, but I will sleep with one eye open. So far? good times indeed.

The following is a real live conversation I had today while trying to purchase an iron at Linens and Things.

Cashier: Your total is $31.96
me: *pulls out check card*
cashier: I need to see some ID
me: do you want me to take it out?
cashier: no, you can just flash it?
me seeing a joke opportunity: isn't that the same thing?
cashier: what? oh boy you are nasty
me: we are talking about the wallet aren't we?
cashier: what? oh yeah
me: ok here it is
cashier: ok thank this is smooth(my wallet)
me: yes it is alligator skin
cashier: really?
me: no
cashier: ok have a nice night
me: you do the same

and scene.


Bashful said...

LOL! Rashad you are such a trip.

Sha said...

u got folks feeling on yo wallet? Have you been reading "The Secret?"

Jo said...

Was it a boy or girl cashier?