Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So let me get this straight. You are a black man who was lucky and smart enough to be an elected official in the state of Louisiana. Before being elected into office, you were an attorney who had attended both Harvard and Georgetown. Your last name is the same as one of the men who helped to pen the Declaration of Independence and was our third president. You represent a state that has seen an incredible tragedy with Hurricane Katrina, which means essentially, you have the chance to do great things on the world's biggest stage. And what do you decide to do William Jefferson? You "allegedly" decided to do some things we call bribery, racqueteering, and you hide about $90,000 in your freezer. Now I'm well aware that black men have been wrongly accused for years and years, so there is a sliver of hope that you may come out of this smelling like roses. But come on does not look good. And before you even make it to jail, some disgruntled Katrina survivors might get to you, the way that old man got to Nino Brown in New Jack City. But there's more..

So Billy spent 11 years coaching at the University of Florida. During that span you win two national titles, and you take a school that is primarily known for football, and make it a force to be reckoned with on the basketball stage. During your 11 year tenure there, you are linked to various NBA jobs, but you turn them down, saying you are happy where you are. Then, this past April, after your Florida team defeated the mighty Greg Oden and the Ohio State Buckeyes, you are offered a job at the University of Kentucky, and you turn it down, saying you're happy where you are. Two weeks later, you are offered a job in the NBA with the Memphis Grizzlies, and again you proclaim your happiness with your current situation and you again turn it down. A few weeks later, the Orlando Magic, again of the NBA, offer you a head coaching position with a contract that will pay you 35 million over 7 years, and you snatch it up, leaving the very place that was allegedly making you so happy just a few weeks earlier. In the press conference for your new job, you say how excited you are to be in the NBA, and how tough a decision it was to leave Florida, but you are now ready for a new challenge. And then two days later, you are begging to be let out of that contract, because you think you made the wrong decision and you want to go running back to Florida? Come on man. 200 season tickets were sold when you were hired in Orlando, what about them? Anthony Grant, a young black coach at VCU, was going to take your old job at Florida, and now he's out of luck. And the Orlando Magic are trying to keep their team in Orlando, and you were helping them out by taking this job, and now you bail? Yes we all reserve the right to change our minds, but the presumption is that when you sign a contract, you also exercised your right to do a little something we call "thinking it over". Not a good look Mr. Billy Donovan

Today is the party in my honor, and I have no problems admitting that I am a little uncomfortable with it. You'd think because I write a blog, share my life, and allow people to comment sometimes, that I would thrive in a situation where I am the center of attention, but that is not at all the case. It makes me uncomfortable to be the center of attention, even when people are trying to be helpful. I never know the right things to say, and I feel like at any moment I could unintentionally say something to offend. Conversely, I also feel like at any moment I could intentionally say something to offend, and take it too far. Being socially awkward/challenged is a hell of a straitjacket sometimes, and even though I have gotten better at it as I get older, it is still a bitch sometimes. I suppose I could drown my fears away in an impressive array of wines and liquors, but that would be dead wrong. I'll face it head on, and it'll be a beautiful experience whether 3 or 30 people show up. And if not, tomrrow's blog will be vicious.

Oh and I got a writing gig writing for this site. I'll let you know when my first article is up, so you can hate it or love it.

My One and Only Love - Sting


Sha said...

embrace the love @ your party..relax and have fun...

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I am fully prepared to text message with you from across the bar. See you tonight.

Janelle said...

Why do people keep money in the freezer?? It won't spoil if left out in the elements. LOL

He should have kept it at his trusted mistress' house under the floorboards. Come on, mannn. All that scandal and you think he DOESNT have a mistress???!! LOL

Enjoy your party man. You deserve the kindness and genorosity( yesss, you do, mannn!!! LOL) Have a drink for me. Just one. :)

TM said...

Tonight should be worry free. Enjoy your company and have a great time.

Miss Black River said...

So disappointed in the Congressman. I hope his wife and kids were not involved. It would be a shame to see the whole family shot to hell. Hate it for the staffers who were subpoenaed too. This has just turned into a big hot mess.

ENJOY the partay man!! I wish I was in DC hangin' with my black folks for any occasion.

Jamal said...

I really wish I could come man. Hold your head up at the party. Love you to death.

Jo said...

Bliss Bubble . . .and what exactly will you be writing about?

I hope you drink to your hearts content tonight. Please have a good time . . .I would if I was there.

You deserve to celebrate your life, especially after all the shit you have recently been through.

Cease the day and have a WONDERFUL time!