Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This morning, because the weather is so hot, and my thirst is so amazingly strong, I decided to venture into the Starbucks right down the street from my job. When the heat beams down on me the way it has for the 2 hours I've been awake, I frequently like to visit said Starbucks and get what is called an Iced, Green Tea Lemonade..sweetened, shaken, but not stirred. So this morning, I when I ventured in, there was a brief line of 6 people. By the time I got up to the counter, the line behind me was up to 10, so it was quite crowded. And as is frequently the case in tight spaces such as these, there were all kind of why-are-you-violating-my-personal-space violations done to me, but I kept my cool because 1)thirst relief was within arm's reach and 2)it was tight space for God's sake. Once I got to the counter, I ordered my drink I noticed that there was a slight problem. The guy behind the counter was an African-American man with a touch of the ghey(that's not the problem). The woman making the drinks was an Ethiopian woman(that's not the problem either). I dont know if this was his first day or what, but he was clearly nervous, and he was spitting out sentences like we were at an art auction. The woman was having trouble understanding him, so she asked me directly what I wanted to drink. This pissed off my slightly ghey friend behind the counter, and he raised his voice a bit. I calmly talked OVER his loud ass, and tried to tell the nice lady what I wanted to drink. Well the lady couldn't understand me either, despite my immaculate pronunciation, and I had to repeat my drink 3 times before she got it. While all this is going on, the Starbucks snobs around me are looking at me funny, because everyone else in line had ordered some type of fancy coffee, and I bucked the trend by ordering tea. A pedestrian drink I suppose, but a tasty one nonetheless. I gave my cash to irate, ghey brother, and he had the nerve to apologize to me, for the woman. I'm like, you mumble mouth motherf*#*#3@, had you come up with some type of code or system to avoid this and co-exist with your co-worker, we wouldn't be in this situation(all this was said in my head). I said its cool man, I have him my money and I made my way to this here office. No sweats were broken, no tempers flared, smartass Rashad was held in check, Starks didn't get ejected and the thirst was quenched.

8 Million Stories - A Tribe Called Quest


Sha said...

The starbucks in Baltimore are never that crowded..but the starbucks location i loathe the most is in union station...there is no coworker cohesion to be seen there some days..

And where do you get the idea for these boho supreme ice teas? You going boho champ? ICU

Jamal said...

Okay, you did good in that situation. I would have had to pull the brothers card for making the new employee look bad.

Jo said...

Okay, I am getting caught up, but I had to break here and let you know that this was an all-time good entry . . .and certainly FUNNY! LOL!