Monday, June 25, 2007

This morning while I was getting dressed, I noticed that ESPN is doing this series entitled Make A Wish. They pick a famous athlete and then they find a kid who has some type of ailment, and they show about 5-10 minutes of them spending time together. First the kid is interviewed, and we learn what type of affliction is plaguing him or her, then we meet the parents, and they too give their take on what a great kid they have, and how the disease has affected their lives. The star athlete is then shown having a playful interaction with the child, and then this same athlete is interviewed and they usually say something like(hyperbole alert), "You know man, making money and having sex with lots of women is fine, but it means nothing if I can't give back and play ball with my man Jimmy who has sickle cell". Now, I realize that I can be extremely cynical, even in my current state when clearly I need help, but COME ONNN. First of all, ESPN purposely airs these spots during June and July, when there is no basketball, no football, no hockey. They show some baseball, they report on any other news going on, and then they drop this make a wish campaign on you, to fill the hour long Sportscenter, and I would dare them to tell me otherwise. If this were a year round effort, I think I'd be less cynical about it. But the timing of it all makes it difficult. Plus there are athletes who are extremely caring and giving on their own, and I think that should be highlighted as well.

When You Think Of Me - Eric Benet


Sha said...

Gob was one of the highlights of Arrested Development for me...i think right after Buster..but yeah..

Chappelle has a skit on which season i dont remember but he does a spoof of the make a wish thing..funny stuff.

Jamal said...

I am always suspicious of people who always need to have a camera around when they do charity work. If it means that much to them they should go unannounced.

TM said...

Does this mean you will boycott ESPN during the summer?