Friday, June 15, 2007

What a 24 hour period. First, I celebrated my USA Today article a little too hard on Thursday night, and I missed most of the Spurs championship win. I did see the last minute or so, but by that time San Antonio had the game in hand. It was a bit irresponsible of me not to write a recap about the last game, but I don't feel too badly about it. I have about 10 articles in my head that I begin writing next week, so we'll see if lightning can strike twice. I will say this though: Lebron James has nothing to be ashamed of at all. In fact the Cavs team as a whole should not be at all ashamed. They advanced to the NBA finals way before anyone ever expected them to, and they now know what it will take for them to be successful. The Cavs also need to understand that the Spurs were just way too good, and there's no shame in getting swept by a four time nba championship team. None at all.

I went to get my son today, and I swear he looks even taller than when I saw him two weeks ago. We have quite the father's day weekend plan, so it should be lots of fun. Today we went out to eat, drove back from Hampton together, and talked about baseball and driving fast(which I was doing like a champ). We also went to the barbershop, and I paid close attention to what Carlton was soaking up. Normally when I go to the barbershop, I laugh at the cursing and lewd discussions, because i'm an adult and i'm old enough to know what I should tune in to, and what I should ignore. Young Carlton was just taking it all in, and I didn't try to censor it at all. Once we left I asked him what he thought of the barbershop, and in his true minimalist fashion, he said it was interesting. Tomorrow we go see the Fantastic Four, we go to the Bodies exhibit, and we'll end the day with an Orioles baseball game with my dad. I am going to be thoroughly tired..actually i feel that way right now. The highlight of my day? Watching Carlton sit down at my laptop and read sports. When I get that picture back, I am definitely going to put it up.

The depressing part of my day? I went to check my mail at my old apartment, and I happened to peek in..all of my stuff is gone, and it has been repainted now. I know the stuff I left in there was severely burned, but the finality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks. Too many good things have happened over the past week for me to cry or get depressed, but it was definitely hard. I'm over it now though. Life has and will continue to go on.

Bulletproof Soul - Sade


Janelle said...

Ican only imagine the conversation in the barbershop. I hope you wont get a phone call next week from Carlton's school regarding somethng he said that he learned in the barbershop!!! LOL

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Father's Day!

nekia said...

Have fun, let me know how the Bodies exhibit is

Sha said...

perpetual motion