Thursday, June 14, 2007

Writing is serious business. That's what my friend Nichole said in one of her recent comments to an entry I wrote, and she is exactly right. If you call yourself or aspire to be a writer, it is something you have to take seriously, and I can readily admit that it I have been pretty inconsistent with that over the years. That is part of the reason I was so excited with getting my article on, and again I cannot thank Ryan and enough. You never know who is going to read your writing and cast judgement on you good or bad, so if you decided to submit something in this vast internet world, you'd best be sure that what you are doing is thorough and correct. Hopefully bigger things are in store for me but for now, I'll take this.

If I were a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, I'd be mighty pissed that every article and every tv report, is basically giving the Spurs the championship already. I understand that the Spurs are up 3-0, but still, it really isn't over yet, and they are STILL at home, and Lebron STILL hasn't had a monster game. This is completely far fetched, but it can still be a rallying point for the Cavs, especially Lebron who has taken a hit in the legacy department this week. All that being said, I sincerely doubt the Cavs are winning tonight. In fact, I'd be shocked and awed. Plus I need them to win tonight, because my son is coming in town this weekend, and I might miss the game, so if you could just lay down and lose Cleveland, that would be great!

As evidenced by my struggle to find some decent sneakers last week, I know that I don't exactly have a firm grasp as to what is and isn't hot in the world of shoes. But at least two times in the past week, I have seen men wearing white dress shoes. And these men aren't over 45, and they aren't old school players like Steve Harvey. One was my boy Brandon at my party last week, and the other was this guy on the train this morning who also looked to be my age. I haven't picked up a GQ magazine in awhile, but perhaps this is the new trend. But in my mind, white shoes are strictly for 75 year old black men, who are deacons in the church, and look like this.

Poetry Man - Phoebe Snow


Hadassah444 said...

you never said anything about usatoday. But thats pretty cool!

It takes a bold/classy man to pull off wearing white shoes. Big ups to your man, LOL

Sha said...

CONGRATS on your articles!

and the white shoe is the new trend among the young urban professional crowd...but i dont like the urban aladdin white shoe..a white loafer or driving shoe is superb imo.

Anonymous said...

rashad if i see you wearing white dress shoes of any sort, irregardless of the "trend" i will point and laugh at you.

that is all.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Hooray for your articles.

Well white shoes don't go with pleated pants so don't you dare. I offer my personal shopping services to you.

spell check said...

IRregardless? :(

USAGE Irregardless, with its illogical negative prefix, is widely heard, perhaps arising under the influence of such perfectly correct forms as: irrespective. Irregardless is avoided by careful users of English. Use regardless to mean 'without regard or consideration for' or 'nevertheless': | I go walking every day regardless of season or weather.

Congratulations on the publishing of your articles.

Anonymous said...

like i said rashad, irregardless, we'll conversate about said white shoes later.

Quiet Riot said...

Not many men can pull off the white shoe look but Felton did it quite well that night..

Not that i'm suggesting he does it again......You know i'm a shoes biggest critic.

Congrats again on USA Today

raydiance said...

so very proud of you.

spell check's comment is hilarious on so many levels.

Bashful said...

Congrats on the articles! Ummmm not even going to fake, I know nothing about what fashion is in for men.

Miss Black River said...

I heard a couple years ago that "irregardless" is actually fine to use. After being taught for years that it was inappropriate - I am thoroughly confused on the matter.

Keep writing and maybe one day you'll be an Oprah book club guest and we'll all ride your coattails!

Jo said...

LOL about the white shoes! 'Nuf said! LOL!