Monday, June 18, 2007

Yesterday, on my way back from dropping off my son, I was in the car with my ipod on shuffle when the song, Boys of Summer by Don Henley came on. Now this song is my second favorite 80s song behind Billie Jean, because of both the beats and the lyrics, and I've listened to this song a countless amount of times. But last night as I drove back I listened to the lyrics even more carefully, especially the last verse, and I realized how well written the song is, and how I particularly like the line when he says don't look back, you can never look back. In my head, while in that car, I was playing the what if game in my head with a variety of subjects. What if I the fire hadn't happened? What if I was taller, could I play in the NBA? What if I didn't have my son? What if I spent my money more wisely? This is a DUMB and very cruel game to play with yourself, and I don't recommend it at all. So when this song came on, I was just singing the lyrics at the top of my lungs like I normally do, and the don't look back part came on, and I stopped singing. And I said to myself, damn Rashad, listen to the lyrics, stop feeling sorry yourself. Now I'm not saying all was magically better at that moment, because that my friends, is the stuff fairy tales are made of(sorry to be ending so many sentences with prepositions). But the song did give me perspective, which is just as important. So, as I do in this blog from time to time, I will recommend that you listen to the song, because it is damn good.

I have lots and lots on my mind these days man, so bear with me if my blogs seem scatterbrained and unfocused. I'm trying to find a job, I need a place to live by Wed, I got things going on in my personal life, etc. If I had a heavy bag to hit right about now, I'd be tearing that thing up. A vacation would be great right now, but I'll settle with a day off.

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Sha said...

a day off!..i envy you...

things have a way of working themselves out..