Sunday, July 29, 2007

File this entry under "be careful what you wish for". After I typed yesterday's entry, I decided to go back to the court to see if more people came up to the court. And while there weren't a lot of people out there, we had enough to play "21". Now mind you, I had been out there playing basically since 8am, so by the time I actually got to play with some real people I was a bit tired, but nothing I wasn't willing to fight thru. So I played two games of 21 in the 90 degree heat, and by the time I finished I was completely worn out. I got a Serena Williams type cramp in my calf, which still hurts right now, I slipped and fell, and then tried to break my fall with my right wrist, which also hurts while I'm typing(although it doesn't hurt as much as a broken hand, I'll tell you that), and of course I have the normal aches and pains that a 32 year old man who hasn't played regular ball in some time is going to have. Oh and I did win, one out of the two games of 21. But I'm paying for it dearly this morning. I'm headed back up there late this morning, to work some of the soreness out.

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Bashful said...

All that matters is that you won... take two Advils, grab a hot shower and relax you will feel better in the morning.