Sunday, July 01, 2007

I saw the Michael Moore movie Sicko last night, and it really messed with me. I don't always agree with his heavy handed tactics, and as I heard someone say on tv yesterday, he tends to use a crane when only tweezers are necessary. But the one thing Moore does very well is create dialogue and discussion about issues that may otherwise swept under the rug. To watch how this country handles health care in comparison to other countries that have considerably smaller resources was very very disturbing. It makes me want to talk to someone in the industry to figure out are there some issues regarding this that I am missing, or is this country just hell bent on making money off the fact that we need health care to survive. I realize not everyone is a Michael Moore fan, but I do think this is worth seeing. My name is Rashad, and I approve this message. Next movie to tackle: Al Gore's An Convenient Truth.

I know this won't matter to anyone who reads this blog, but it made me very happy to just read that Barry Bonds will be playing and starting in this year's allstar game. For the past 5 years, Barry has taken all kinds of criticism, and some of it is very justified. But the fact remains that Barry, even before the alleged steroid use, was a Hall of Fame player. As I told my father, steroids make bad players average, average players good, good players great, and great players superhuman. Barry was already a great player, and I think that he did do something illegal, but it doesn't diminish his greatness. So I think it is very fitting that the year the all star game is in San Francisco, where he plays. I know most people who read this blog aren't baseball fans, but I suggest you all watch on this night to see him introduced in front of his peers and the fans. It'll be one of those special sports moments...i'm off the soapbox now..

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