Thursday, July 26, 2007

I talked to my roommate from college last night, and its funny to me how things still have not changed one bit. I've known this man since 1992, and we basically talk about the same things. Women and sports. Of course we both have kids now, and the responsibilities have multiplied tenfold. He is married, so the stories he has to tell are a bit different, but still just as good. Before I went to college, my parents would tell me that the friends I made in college, would be long lasting, and to some degree that is the case. Based on some of the things we did during freshman year out of poverty, you really can't help BUT to get close and bond. In fact, I could write a week's worth of blogs on some of that stuff, but who really wants to read that? I digress... I really don't speak to anyone from college on a regular basis except him, but its just as well. It is really going to be weird in October at homecoming when he brings his wife and kids, and I bring my son and my ladyfriend. At that point, you can stamp old men on our respective foreheads.

I wish you could have seen how hard my intern was working yesterday. From about 8:30 to 2:30, he didn't go to the bathroom, check emails, give me eye contact or anything, he was just working like a man fresh out of jail. He finally came up for air around 3, and then he was as chatty as ever talking about some girl who was hollering at him on facebook(which I still know nothing about). I ignored him as usual, because frankly I'm still not too please with the no call/no show. And since his internship ends next month, my boss won't get rid of him, and that sucks. But all this means is that the hazing period will last for the duration of his tenure here, as opposed to me tapering it off. I'll still let him use me as a reference though. Right now, as I am typing, he is telling me yet another can one man be so damn clueless.

As much as I am complaining, I am quite sure this man's day will be WAY worse than mine.

Beck - Loser


Jamal said...

Vick is going down really fast.

Wynter said...

ok up until now I thought you were being extremely hard on the intern...but no call/no show and he got caught in a lie (really, who uses yellow pages?)... where'd you find this guy?!

lex said...

i tell you and this intern have made for rollicking good reading