Monday, July 02, 2007

Phase two of the fire recovery process starts this week I believe. Now that I have found someplace to stay for the next few months, I have to now put to use all the money and the giftcards that I've gotten over the past month or so. I need just about everything you can imagine except clothes, which means I will be doing the very thing that I detest and despise so much, and that is shop. I did a bit of shopping on Saturday, and it just seems to be altogether inefficient. I spent 20-30 minutes going up and down aisles looking for things, no one around me seemed to want to help me find items, and when I finally tracked down a "customer sales representative", they seemed totally oblivious to my needs, and more concerned with fraternizing with their fellow partners in customer service. Once I get to a point when I have all of my items, THEN I have to stand in line for a longer period of time than it took in the first place. I'm not really asking for sympathy here, what this paragraph serves as is a cry for help. Do my shopping for me..this ain't clothes shopping, I don't need to give sizes. I just need stuff like towels, an ironing board, maybe a bookshelf..if I sit down I can come up with a list, and then someone can get these things for me. What good is a blog, if you can't reach out every now and then..

I had a great weekend. I feel relaxed, focused, and ready to take on any and everything. This is my Stuart Smalley moment.

Rocketship - Donnie

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Nichole said...

*shaking head*
in one post you say people overwhelm you when they try to reach out and be helpful, and then 2 posts later ask for people to take over your shopping. lol