Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why is it so difficult to find a mailbox here in DC? I had to mail off something, and I swear I had to walk around for almost 45 minutes trying to find a mailbox. Yes I could have gone to a post office, but it was not convenient to do at that time. And it seems to me all train stations should have mailboxes near them. If they can have newspaper machines and ATMs, surely a mailbox can get some love.

I saw the movie Waitress last night, and it was a surprisingly good movie. It is the prototypical chick flick, but I'm glad I didn't let that stop me, because I enjoyed it. Afterwards my friend told me that one of the main characters, and the director of the film Adrienne Shelly had been killed last November, which made the film that much more creepy. And then I thought back to when I watched Tupac: Resurrection, and how creepy it was then that 2pac narrated the entire movie, despite the fact that he had been dead for 10 years. Posthumous works are creepy all the way around, but when you are watching someone on the big screen who was taken away prematurely, it is just a weird feeling. Wow, this paragraph has taken quite an interesting turn.

And since I mentioned seeing a chick flick, I may as well mention that I watched Oprah for the third time(watched when Dave Chappelle was on there and when Michael Jackson was on), and the issue was infidelity. Not just infidelity, but men and women who slept with their spouses best friend. I'm quite sure this is a topic that has been covered ad nauseum in the talk show circuit as well as in movies, soap operas, etc. But for some reason when I was watching this Oprah episode, it just hit me how bold it is to not only cheat on your spouse, but to do with their best friend. That's hell express right there. I wonder if I would take my wife back if she did that to me..I wonder if I lose my damn mind and go OJ on both of them. I'd like to say that I would forgive my wife, and rely on the God's strength, but that's simply not bloody likely.

This entry makes no sense.

I Love You - Smif N Wesson/Mary J Blige


Jamal said...

Since when do you watch Oprah??? You need to redeem yourself.

Bashful said...

Ummm yeah... Have a nice weekend Rashad. Don't worry I did not forget about you.