Thursday, August 30, 2007

During my Barry Bonds lovefest yesterday, I neglected to mention a bit of conflict that happened to me on Tuesday night. As I have mentioned several times before(but not recently) my laptop was one of the few items that survived the fire in my apartment, but there is still some noticeable damage to the top of it. I am used to seeing it now, and although I keep meaning to get some type of cover for it, I usually forget about it before I head out. So on Tuesday evening, I took my laptop to a spot in downtown DC. My mission: Do a little bit of writing/editing and to enjoy several glasses of fine Perrier with a twist of lime. I was lucky enough to find a table alone, and I sat down and starting doing my thing. About 20 minutes later, this group came and sat at my table. There were four women and one black gentlemen who clearly had the ghey. The women were relatively quiet, but the man was VERY loud. He was talking about everyone who walked by, he was banging on the table, and he was just all around annoying. Since I had my headphones on, I was able to drown out most of his shenanigans(or sheganigans as my friend calls it) but still he was annoying. Well at one point my computer started going a bit awry, so I rebooted, and I overheard this dude talking about my laptop. He said..and this is a direct quote, "Girl do you see his laptop, you can't give niggas anything, because they always f**k it up". Now I heard this, and I immediately wanted to jump across the table, but I just brushed it off. Honestly, my laptop doesn't even look that bad, so he really was just being an ass. Plus I still had my headphones on, so I'm quite sure he thought I couldn't hear. 10 minutes later, more of his friends came to the table, and he kept talking about it to them. Most of his friends just quietly giggled and changed the subject, but he would NOT let it go. So, me being the bible-toting, man of God that I am, I slowly removed my headphones, looked him in the eye, and said (close your eyes, racy language ahead), "B**ch, shut the f*ck up!". He looked and me and said excuse me, and I said it again with the same intensity as the first time. The women that he was with didn't say a damn thing, and after awhile neither did this gentlemen. Their food came, and they started talking about other things, but clearly I had ruined their dinner experience, much like they had ruined my computer/Perrier time. I know my therapist is going to scold me for this type of behavior, and even if she doesn't I know it may have been bad judgement, but come on man...If you're bold enough to keep talking jive within earshot, you surely deserve a little insult.


Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming - Jermaine and Michael Jackson

I may have posted this song before, but I don't care because its all in my head today. My favorite part? At the 1:23 point of the song when Michael comes in, and sings, "Midnight"..up to this point you only heard him in the background, so when he finally comes in the song its a big deal. As my friend said, this was during the MJ golden years, when everything he touched was a hit whether it was Rockwell, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger or his sister with no talent Rebbie. Everything was a when you heard him you got goosebumps..or at least I did. And yes before I mancrushed on Barry Bonds, MJ did it for me.


Sha said...

sometimes u gotta son folks in public...some are just too comfy with their opinions.

Michell said...

Why didn't tell him that your laptop survived a fire that destroyed everything you own? I think that would have silenced him or was the point to humiliate him the way he was trying to humiliate you? Either way, I'm glad you said something.

Jamal said...

I think you handled it well all things considered. Saying once was enough and based on the fact that he kept pressing this issue you were right.

tia said...

f u, rashad. rebbie has plenty o talent. latoya is the one with no talent.

Bashful said...

Lawd! LOL! As always you have set the tone for my day.

nichole said...

i'm glad you said something, too.

lex said...

i hate idiots.

they were probably jealous of your apres-barry glow

im glad you said something, i probably would have just seethed in silence.

and MJ is the model for sexy androgyny. In his heyday, i think he garnered just as many mancrushes as he did woman love.

Jo said...

He was wrong for the rude comments . . .well at least for saying them loud enough so you could hear them . . .

But come on RM! You wrote: "Girl do you see his laptop, you can't give niggas anything, because they always f**k it up".

I was LAUGHING MY ASS OFF when I read that and still am.

Now you read it again . . .look at your computer, separate yourself from the fire (virtually impossible, I know), and read it again.

He must have been like DAYUM . . .how the HEYELL do you fuck up a computer like that! LOL! (And trust me, I know it's not THAT bad . . .I helped you clean it off post fire, remember, but still . . .it's an unrecognisable sort of damage . . .it can't be explained by looking at it.)

I would have been laughing my ass off, too.

And if you hadn't been annoyed, and maybe now, two months later, you will indeed be laughing . . .because honestly, RM every time I read the dang quote I can't help but LOL! ;o)