Monday, August 06, 2007

I must say it was a pretty uneventful, yet relaxing weekend. I had yet another workout on the basketball court, I went to a public pool, and watched bodies of varying sizes parade around in bathing suits of various sizes..very interesting to say the least. If I had brought my laptop with me, I am quite sure I could have painted quite an entertaining picture. But anyway, I was extremely relaxed, and that usually translates into short, boring blog entries. And today isn't the exception.

I did however get a chance to see the replay of Mr. Barry Bonds hitting his 755th homerun, and just as I suspected, he was not showered with boos and debris from the San Diego fans. Instead, the fans had out their cameras and video recorders, and everyone stood up on their toes to see the historic ball travel out of the ballpark. Even the normally crotchety Barry Bonds rose to the occasion after the game, and gave a very engaging press conference, where he admitted the hype and anticipation leading up to the record tying homerun was extremely difficult. He also said that breaking Hank Aaron's record would be much easier than tying it..we shall see about that. As I've said before, I am sure Barry took some type of enhancer, but he damn sure wasn't the only one..but he is the only one going after such an esteemed record. But I still think this accomplishment should be recognized. But my favorite moment of the whole event, was this picture right here of Barry Bonds hugging his son Nikolai as he crossed home plate after the home run. I must admit I am biased, because I am a sucker for father/son embraces.

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