Saturday, August 18, 2007

I went to see the movie Superbad last night, and it was pretty damn funny. It didn't have much of a plot, there was lots of raunchy humor, but I still found myself laughing many times. Plus any movie that makes fun of Yoda and his voice, is alright with me. And finally, Michael Cera, from Arrested Development fame, has always been funny to me. So if you want some hilarious, mindless humor, go see the movie. Now, the annoying part of that movie experience, and what has compelled me to write this entry, is the behavior of the crowd after the movie. I NEVER understand why folks clap after the movie is over. Its asinine behavior, and when people started to clap, I actually said out loud, "Oh don't f*cking clap", but the powerful applause probably drowned me out. I mean its not like representatives from the movie are in attendance to receive the applause, and its not like the actors and actresses on the screen are going to step out and take a bow, and then run back in the screen. Its a movie..if you appreciate it, then get on the damn website and send an email or mail a letter to your favorite actor. But the applause is just dumb.


LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

oh let people express themselves

Sha said...

are u suggesting we write fan letters??? wth? next you'll suggest we all get pen pals from the back of the right on! mags...geez!!!!! can we live???