Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I've known for quite some time that I am a sports fanatic, and I came to terms with that a long time ago. But last night, I realized just how big of a nerd I am, because I had my fantasy football draft. To be honest, I usually don't participate in the draft, I just pre-rank my players, and let nature take its course. But this draft is a bit different, because there is about $500 at stake, plus weekly cash awards as well. So for most of the day yesterday, I did research. I looked up players, I looked at their preseason numbers, I looked at what the experts had to say about both offensive and defensive players, and I tried to devise a strategy. I even got all my work done yesterday morning, so that in the afternoon I could devote most if not all of my energy to this fantasy football draft. God bless my friend for being understanding while I participated in the draft. I'm sure at one point she was looking at me thinking I was indeed crazy. I had one eye on Big Brother(I think I am now addicted to this show..), and the other eye was firmly planted on the draft. And then at some point, I just dedicated myself to the draft totally. If I was thinking smart, I would have blogged while doing this draft. I found myself cursing, exclaiming, breaking out a pen and paper, and doing in-draft research. It was a beautiful experience, but it is not over my friends. Next, I have to see who the free agents are, I have to look at the other teams, and decide if I want to engage in a little trade action. Hopefully this paragraph has served as one big public service announcement for fantasy football...I highly recommend it.

Oh, and if my intern was observant(or had a touch of the ghey) he would notice that I inadvertently left my belt at home, and he would instantly scold and chide me for doing the very thing I got on him about. But he is in his own little autistic world this morning. Plus, I don't weigh 100 lbs like he does, and my butt is much bigger than his, so I can mask it better. It is a tad bit embarrassing though. I shall rectify the situation as soon as Macy's opens.

One Of Us - Prince


hadassah444 said...

please blog your fantasy FB experience.

maxwellsmusze said...

"But he is in his own little autistic world this morning."

~so wrong, but sooooo funny!~

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Being close to Macy's is great. They rescured me from a life of "bralessness" a while back.

p.s. I don't understand a thing about fantasy football.

Bashful said...

Oh man it's that time again?! Ok I need to rally the girls up for some Fantasy Football. I am so salty about losing last year, real salty.

LOL!@"But he is in his own little autistic world this monring."

nichole said...

ew. gross. you have a big butt?
big butts are for women.
do you have hips too?


Jo said...

Now how in the WORLD does one FORGET(????) one's belt?