Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ok so my intern was able to invoke a bit of sympathy from me today, because he's been out with food poisoning, which is definitely no joke. He said both he and his girlfriend had it, and they both have been struggling. I had it one time, and I was screaming bloody murder...He is feeling better and he's been unusually quiet this morning, which ultimately works in my favor. Everybody wins.

I won't speak anymore about Barry Bonds, but I'm glad he finally did it. But I am ESPECIALLY happy because Henry Aaron, who for weeks had been saying he wouldn't acknowledge Barry when he broke his record, decided to send a videotaped statement congratulating Mr. Bonds. Very classy.

Ok one more thought...honestly, if I caught Barry Bonds' 756th home run, I would call him up and say that I appreciated his milestone, but considering home run #756 wouldn't be his last homerun, I'd like to keep it to see what I can fetch on the open market..the ball would be a free agent so to speak. If Barry offered me more monney(which is highly doubtful) I'd give the ball to him. Otherwise, I'd keep it, cash it in, maybe do Letterman and PTI and then call it a day. I wouldn't abuse my "celebrity" status, but I certainly wouldn't miss a chance to bask in it just a bit.

I wanted to write a whole entry about misdiagnosed racism, but I don't feel like it right now. But I will say both the Michael Vick situation and this Barry Bonds story, the story of race has been mistakenly pushed to the forefront, and its just dead wrong. I'm not saying race isn't an issue here, but in both of their cases its about 4th on the list. Vick is an issue because he is allegedly was involved in extreme cruelty to dogs. Barry is a big story because he allegedly took steroids, he was going after an esteemed record, and he is a major league ass to the media. Race is an issue with Barry because his dad endured racism in his day, and Barry carries that chip on his shoulder. Not only that, but unlike a lot of black athletes, Barry has no need to be loved by the media, so as he's been enduring this home run chase, the media has absolutely LOVED the fact that he's appeared vulnerable at times. Race is an issue in this Vick case, because some people feel like Vick is not getting his due legal process by the media, the NFL, etc..Those same people feel like if he was a white player, this wouldn't be as big of an issue..which is debatable to me, but far be it from me to argue them down. ESPN did a story on Vick and this racial issue, and I COMPLETELY disagree with it. Its long, but its a good read.

I know I rambled there, but that was on my mind, and it needed to be said. Besides, it doesn't seem like anyone is reading this week anyway.

Jingling Baby - LL Cool J


Sha said...

*looks for witty banter in blog*

lex said...

im ashamed to admit i thought Hank Aaron was dead

im not sure how i feel about the BB breaking the record though..

i'll ponder on it while i wait for football season to get on full swing

hadassah said...

you really need to write the piece on racism.

maxwellsmusze said...

barry looked genuinely moved by hank's message. glad to see you really didn't put much thought into what to do w/that historic ball.

Jamal said...

I am happy for Barry even though he has a long road ahead of him. People are going to try to discredit what he did.....I too am interested in reading your piece on racism.