Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So, I watched two press conferences yesterday. One featured a man whose crimes were very detailed and disgusted us all. The other featured a man whose crimes are only alleged, and we probably won't know for quite some time what the effect is on our country..especially considering it was his influence that led to policies on presidential power, spying, etc..One man is headed to jail for at least one year, maybe five. The other is headed for a plush consulting job somewhere in this fine country of ours..probably Texas. One man was relatively detailed about what he did wrong, and what he needed to do going forward..and the other one was extremely vague. One similarity that both Michael Vick and Alberto Gonzales do have, is that their fates would be very different had they come out early on and admitted what they did wrong. Vick could have saved himself some money, and Gonzales would still have his job. So what's the lesson here? Vick should have befriended the president like my main man Gonzales.

While I was waiting to see the lovely sisters, Venus and Serena play their US Open matches last night, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the ceremony dedicated to the late, tennis great Althea Gibson, who was the first black woman on the tennis tour. It was a little annoying that the US Tennis Association waited until she died to honor her, especially since her accomplishments were worthy of this honor long ago. Still, it was nice to see her get her just due, and it was even nice to see the woman who came to honor her(Susan Taylor, Sheila Johnson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and many others). But my favorite part of the whole evening was seeing Ms. Clair Huxtable herself: Phylicia Rashad. I think the first crush I ever had on an older woman(Lisa Lisa of Cult Jam fame was the first woman period). Sure Phylicia is a bit heavier and a little longer in the tooth, but she is still sexy. I wasn't even in the room when she first came on tv, but when I heard that familiar voice of Mrs. Huxtable, I asked my friend was the Phylicia Rashad, and she said yes. I remember that one episode of the Cosby Show, when she was speaking Spanish, and I was instantly in love. Not to mention she must have liked it rough as evidenced by the number of times she'd put Cliff in a headlock. Good times all around.

Easy Lover - Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey


maxwellsmusze said...

"Not to mention she must have liked it rough as evidenced by the number of times she'd put Cliff in a headlock."

a great entry ruined by perversion. lol!

nichole said...



phylicia rashad:
and i hope you can tinyurl from work.