Saturday, August 04, 2007

So today I had something a bit different happen to me. I went on craigslist earlier this morning to inquire about a television for a friend of mine. I emailed the lady about a television she had for sale, and I set up a time to meet her at her house. I remember asking her if she wanted me to call before I arrived, and she said no, I could just show around 1:30. I showed up at her house, said hello, and I immediately started to run my mouth, when she placed her hand up and mouthed to me that she was deaf. From that point, until about 5 minutes later when I left, we had to do the communication dance. She couldn't sign like she normally did, and I couldn't talk the way I normally did either. So I talked slowly and purposefully, and I pointed at things, and she did the same..and it was clear that she could read lips. Upon exiting, I looked her in the face, said thank you and walked out. It was the first time I have ever crossed paths with the "other" side like that. My friend joked that she could have been feigning deafness to avoid small talk, which would have ironic to say the least. Anyway, just thought I would share.

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Nichole said...

nobody had a piece of paper?