Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank God for pickup basketball and the people I play with. They provide me with endless humor and material for my blog. Yesterday, I decided to get about 90-100 minutes worth of cardio by playing basketball. The competition was so-so, but what they lacked in skill, I made up for by over-working myself because I was determined to get a workout. There were two things that occurred on the court that are worth speaking about: First off, there was this guy on the court who looked EXACTLY like Michael Stipe from REM. He had the frail look, the eyes that looked like he had been crying all night, and he was just all out creepy. But, during the course of the game, he was leaving everyone on the court with a special gift, and that was his strong, pungent, and all around nasty body odor. I was losing MY religion every time I got a whiff of the man's underarms, and what was confusing me even more was that his friends didn't say a word. And I KNOW they smelled it, because it was way too strong for them not too. Halfway through the second game, I asked my teammate if we could switch who we were guarding. So I ended up guarding this big dude who was about 6'3 and 250 lbs..but it was worth getting away from the BO. The second event on the court which had me laughing is how the game ended. We were in the middle of the third game, when one of the guys looked at his watch, and stopped and said, "Dude I gotta stop, I have an ice hockey championship game in 2 hours". I don't know what had me more incredulous..what the man said, or the way everyone else reacted. The rest of the guys reacted as if it is an everyday occurrence for someone on the BASKETBALL court to stop and go do a Wayne Gretzky on the cold hard ice. I just grabbed my things, shook every one's hand, and rolled out. But that was definitely a first.

Speaking of pickup basketball, this is hilarious I think i'm the "8.5" guy.

Abracadabra - The Steve Miller Band


Sha said...

yall some haters...don't hate cause that man is active. That BO thing brings to mind that scene in Along came Polly..when Ben Stiller was guarding the hairy should check it out..

lex said...

lol @ this entry

Michael Stipe has always looked like he smelled a bit. One of those types that thinks his own essence is sublime.

AND how you go from basketball to having A hockey CHAMPIONSHIP?

like wtf...shouldn't he have been warming up with his team or something? Well...he did give himself a two hour window i guess.

you did get your cardio though so thats a :)

Jo said...

OMG . . .Loosing My Religion!!! I have got to use that quote . . .and REM is soooo GEHY!