Monday, August 27, 2007

Today is the first day of school for DC kids, and I walked by several of them on my way to school, and they did not look like happy camp...well schoolkids. The first day of school is supposed to be about new clothes, new shoes, brand new supplies, catching up with friends who you probably saw every day of the damn summer, and doing diagnostic, what-did-you-do-this-summer essays in English class. I suppose all of that should tickle the fancy of every kid ages 4-18, but that is NOT what I saw. The looks on the faces I saw told a much different story. They said, "Damn its hot, why do we have to go to school". I remember when I was teaching, I would try to be that one teacher who made the kids work hard on the first day. I would skip the student introductions and all that other b.s. that teachers use to fill up the time on the first day to mask the fact that they are really unprepared. I'd go straight for the jugular, and start teaching and going over the rubric and the syllabus. That's Allstate's Stand! I don't miss school one bit..even though I do need to go back, I still don't miss it. Good luck kids.

I'm wearing some pants that I bought back in June, but I haven't worn yet. They are a little more snug than I remember them being when I "tried them on" (aka getting the size I think I would like). Needless to say, if I have any inappropriate thought today, the world will get an up close and personal view of my package. Good thing I'm tucking it today.

The Lump Lump - Brand Nubian


hadassah444 said...

LOL @ going for the jugular on the first day of school. I'm almost inclined to agree with you though.

maxwellsmusze said...

i hope those pants have held up okay. also, i'm glad i never had you as a teacher, boss, or mentor.

that is all:)

lex said...

you we're the kind of teacher my sadistic parents liked

when i would complain my mom was wont to say, "hard work, puts hair on your chest"

thanks to instructors like you, i now am hirsute around the ribcage area.

(also, you could just sew new pant sizes in your jerry. Get the size you fit, and still fool the public. its a win win)

Ryan said...

I've thought about "going for the jugular" on the first day but kids in grade one would just cry all day. I ease 'em into the year with a first week of games, colouring (us Canucks spell that word weird) and fun activities.

Jo said...

Ryan's way is better than going for the jugular!

asabi said...

What are you tucking exactly?