Friday, August 17, 2007

Yet another big brother moment occurred yesterday betwixt the intern and I. He wanted to get his girl a gift for her birthday, and he was asking me for a website where he could buy relatively cheap shoes. I gave him the website, then I told him that trying to buy shoes for a woman, is the equivalent of trying to pull your bottom lip over your head. It is simply an impossible task, because half the time women aren't even satisfied with their own shoe purchases by the time they get home. I told him to either get some type of gift certificate, or abandon the idea altogether. Then I asked if she had dropped any hints over the past 9 months of their relationship, and he said he didnt remember, which made me laugh. I can understand the sentiment of not listening to what the hell your woman is saying, but I can certainly say that as I get older, not listening can have terrible consequences. I gave him some generic suggestions such as the spa, some flowers that aren't roses, a handwritten card, a nice dinner, and then I again suggested that he think about the things that she likes. He then said to me that he appreciated the advice, of someone older. I said no problem, but I also told him that I am just as clueless when it comes to the ladies as he is, I just have been around enough to learn from past mistakes. It was a very tender and borderline ghey moment. I am very curious to see what his lady looks like, and I'm even more curious to know if she has given this boy ANY peek, feel or whiff of trim, because he surely doesn't act like it.

My father called me last night to confirm that his birthday outing with me, him and Terence Blanchard is still on, and I told him it was. For someone who rarely shows any outward emotion, he certainly sounded excited. So excited in fact, that he asked me if we should meet at 5:45pm for a 8pm show. I said let's not get carried away big fella(in my head). But his excitement has me excited too, so this should be good. The only real dilemma for me is whether I will finally drink in front of my father. I only drank in front of my father one time, and that was when I had the post-fire party in my honor, and even then, he never saw me drink, because I was mingling all over the damn place. I know I'm a grown ass man, who shouldn't be scared to drink in front of his father, but its just weird for some reason. Its not like I'd be taking two shots of J├Ąger and beer or would just be wine.

Pharcyde - Passing Me By
I post this song today, because it came on my ipod as I walked toward the train station, and it is amazing to me how this song holds up 15 years later, especially the lyrics. They are actually rapping in sentences, not phrases, and they have a decent subject matter, the song is funny, and the last verse to me is still one of the 10-15 best I've ever heard.


Sab D said...

Dude, the link to the pharcyde did come through.

Hook it up dawg, hook it up

maxwellsmusze said...

i say take that first step and have a libation around your dad. he's not stupid & he's gotta know you get buzzed.

only kidding of course...but not really.

Michell said...

this is one of my favorite songs ever - good choice today.