Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I can't figure out whether these Osama bin Laden mixtapes remind more of Weekend at Bernie's or all the Tupac videos released after 1997. To be honest there are elements of both. I watched excerpts of this morning's video, and my main man Osama didn't move at all, until later on in the video, and his arm raised and he pointed his finger. However the catch is, this was only an audio tape..so some geniuses that live wherever Osama continues to hide, could have used some photo shop tactics to fool us all..similar to how the main characters in Weekend at Bernie's, continued to physically prop up a dead man. And then, when you listen to the Osama audio, you really can't tell if its current or not, because the "lyrics" if you will are very vague..but not quite vague enough for the people he's trying to scare or influence, to truly believe he's gone. Now most people I know pretty much believe that 2pac is dead, but then they get thrown off by a song or two. The major difference among 2pac, Weekend at Bernie's and Osama, is that the latter party allegedly masterminded the tragedy we are recognizing today. I must admit my head was on a swivel this morning while on the train, and even though I suppose it should always be that way, you can't help but be more aware today..whether you're prayed up or not.

So I have resumed my 3 mile morning jogs/runs in an effort to defeat Adrian Fenty in a 3mile run. As you may recall, back on May 4th of this year, I wrote an entry in which I stated my desire to kick his ass in a 3 mile run. Then came the fire and a series of unstable events, and I was knocked off my mission a bit, but I'm focused once again. The time off can only work in my favor, because I'm quite sure the mayoral challenges that Washington DC has presented to Fenty over the pass few months, has slowed him down just a bit. Anyway, I am now doing my morning runs in a more affluent area of Washington DC, and I definitely notice a difference. In my old neighborhood, there wasn't a chance in hell that I could wear an ipod, because of the vigilant squirrels, and nocturnal people who roamed the streets..I'm not going to say I didn't feel safe, but I need to hear and see what was going on around me at all times. This morning? There were about 500 people running around carefree with headphones. I still didn't completely trust that though, so I ran with the music on low. That's all I need is to get tag teamed by a squirrel and a homeless person..

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden


maxwellsmusze said...

"That's all I need is to get tag teamed by a squirrel and a homeless person.."

I would pay to see this match.

Kawana said...

Yo! I think if OsamaPac comes out with a new LP by the end of the year, then he is dead.


GemEnigma said...

LMAO @ maxwellsmusze!!

I wish I could run ONE mile, much less three. I'm more of an eliptical person myself....

lex said...

wow @ soundgarden...i had a big crush on chris cornell

and LOL @ vigilant squirrels