Friday, September 21, 2007

It is Friday, and ideally I should happy, jumping for joy, and spreading love and glitter on everyone like I was in a Jacksons video. But I woke at 3:30, and I didn't go back to sleep until 6am, which is about 30 minutes before I normally get up and get my day started, so now I am very cranky. But instead of finding some poor soul to vent and pour my emotions out on, I can come to the blog and bitch and moan.

-I keep getting this comments from people who read the blog(and don't leave a comment) that I keep mentioning my friend(ladyfriend, girlfriend, etc) in my blog. And my response is yeah, and? Its not like I'm giving intimate details of what she and I do, although give it some time and I'm sure I'll be moved to write that blog.

-Yesterday I was harassed by some of my black co-workers and my mother I might add, for not wearing black to honor the Jena 6, and again my response was yeah, and? There are people all around the country who knew nothing about the situation, they just threw on black because someone told them to, and then they got details later. If I were going to Jena, I'd be dressed in all black like Blade. But I wasn't, so I didn't. What DID i do? I tried to do something a little more tangible, by helping my friend Dana raise money for the Jena 6's legal fund, and I have mentioned the Jena 6 in the blog a few times. My mother said this wasn't about me and what I wanted, it was about something bigger. I respectfully disagreed, she yelled at me some more, and then I went out to drinks bountiful pitchers of margaritas with my LADYFRIEND!

-Every morning there is a guy who hoses down the sidewalk in front of my building, and EVERY morning he waits until I get right up on him, before he stops spraying. This means that although I don't get a full splash of water on me, I get a light dusting, and depending on what I have on, it shows up on my garments. Today I have on jeans, so you could clearly see some water on me. Usually I'd let it slide, but today is different(see the first paragraph), so as I walked by, I "accidentally" closed the door on his hose, which means he couldn't move freely and he had to walk back and free the door from the hose. Of course now, this means that on Monday morning I'll be drenched by his hose(there's gotta be a better way to say that).

-One of guys in my building has on a denim jacket that says "Hogwarts" on the back of it. If you're not familiar with Hogwarts, it is from the book Harry Potter. It is a school for magicians and wizards. How do I know this? An ex of mine made me watch all of the movies, and they were just ok. It certainly was no Star Wars. But I digress..I was a bit taken aback to see a man in his late 40s wearing a jacket like this. So I thought to myself, if I had some Star Wars paraphernalia, would I wear to work on a Friday? And the answer was hell yes. So rock on my man!

Royksopp - Remind Me
aka the song from the Geico commercial


Sha said...

*hands crotchety old man card*

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Why? oh why do you people need to be all up in Rashad's relationship?

Kawana said...

So much to say:

1) mentioning your boo: sounds liek a bunch of hate. If I had a blog it would be the Bonna blog cause I talk about my boyfriend/husband to be in a month all the time. So go head with you and your boo stories.

2) Jena 6 black day: You know I thought the same thing. yes, I wore black but I also donated to the legal fund. I thoguht to myself, I wear black and then..? I know it means solidarity but they need some cash man.

3) Skeet Skeet: Take an umbrella to work on Monday.

4) Hogsworth Mid life Crisis: Ummmmm, I can't see it? Unless one of his kids got him that jacket for fathers day (cause you know the dads get the worst gifts) then this man should not be spending $40 or more to buy a jacket like that.

hadassah444 said...

Wait, I don't get it, should you not be mentioning her? I think they just want to know who she is....

LOL, I can picture your mother screaming at you.

I wish you and your ladyfriend a peaceful weekend!!!

Tia said...

yeah please don't ever write that blog.

nickels said...

you need some loving. holla at that LADYFRIEND!

and i don't really think anything more needs to be said about your sugahoneywoman. we know you have one. that should be enough.

she can be your vera or maris.

lex said...


and yes, harry potter is certainly no star wars...but then again very few things are.

i have a darth vader belt buckle that i wear in public. yes, in public, and it is the hotness.