Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It really is no fun when you say to yourself on a Sunday or Monday night that you're going to take off work in advance. You really can't appreciate the day off or the night before, because you know the next day the entire day is yours to do whatever you damn well please. The TRUE joy in taking a day off is when you wake up the same time you always do, and then make the 11th hour decision to stay home. It makes everything feel that much sweeter, whether its blogging from home buck naked, or watching Patty Scialfa sing a God awful song on the Today show..everything feels great today. I am going to hopefully finish editing my blog in preparation for the book..i'm going to run 3-5 miles today, and I am going to enjoy the fact that I don't have to work today, and I suggest you do the same. Other observations on this fine off day of mine:

-If you haven't been watching the US Open, please do. They are in the quarterfinals right now, which means every match is good and competitive. James Blake lost a hell of a match yesterday, but Venus, Serena, Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, and the unbeatable Roger Federer are still alive. Its great tv drama, but i'm quite sure its even better to watch live and in person, and I hope to do just that next year

-Phil Mickelson beat Tiger Woods yesterday. As an avid member of the Woods fan club, I'm not too happy that his arch rival whooped his ass, and then smirked about it in the press conference.

-Today is my son's first day of 5th grade. He was all excited about it, and for a moment I missed that feeling I had way back in the 80s. And then I got back to enjoying my day off.

-Do any of you know who you're going to vote for in next year's election? I suppose its too early to speculate, but right now I have no clue. No one is distinguishing themselves as of yet, and no one is really getting down and dirty in terms of revealing their plan(s). I can't remember if any Democratic candidates had separated themselves from the back by now back in '03 or not..What I DO know is that I will be blogging from and attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. I am registered Republican, but as a writer, the Democratic convention will be way more exciting with Obama and Hilary headlining. I just don't see that excitement coming from the Republican side as of yet...we shall see though

Carnival - Natalie Merchant


Miss Black River said...

I'm feeling Serena's short haircut this season. My Labor Day was much too short, but somebody has to work I guess :( so why not me...

Jenn Jenn said...


I love how open you are with your life and are willing to blog it.

I actually watched a couple of tennis matches on Saturday.. I have never actually just sat and watched tennis before... and you are right, there is indeed drama on the court....