Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last night was a sad, sad time. Its one thing to have your team lose, its another thing to have them lose on Monday Night Football, its another thing to have your team lose to the team of the city where I reside, and it makes it even WORSE when your girlfriend's favorite team beats your team AND you lose a bet. I wanted to throw the remote at the television while watching my beloved Philadelphia Eagles lose to Washington last night. The combination of McNabb's receivers being garbage, and McNabb himself playing like QB with no confidence was just a sad sight to see man. But I've been watching football way too long to think that they are down and out, so I'm not giving up on them. But they didn't exactly give me any encouragement last night. The best part of last night's broadcast was Charles Barkley talking trash in the booth during the third quarter. Charles is every journalist's dream. Instead of giving the typical athlete response, he says EXACTLY what is on his mind, regardless of what anyone may think of him.

I can't wait to read this Alan Greenspan book. He is quite the fascinating fellow. For the past 20 years he has had a hand in the economy of the United States, he's worked under Reagan, two Bushes, and Bill Clinton, he's survived the big stock market crash of '87, and now that he's "retired"(read: making big money consulting), he gets to write a book slamming the very people he helped out. I used to see him talking on tv, and I had NO clue what the hell was talking about, so hopefully this book will help me out a bit.

Norah Jones - Don't Know Why


Sha said...

i can just see the pissed look on ya face. haha(c)nelson munsen

hadassah444 said...

His book would be an interesting read. I can only imagine the amount of knowledge it will contain.