Monday, September 24, 2007

So on Saturday, I went to see this semi-violent movie entitled, Eastern Promises, and once you got passed the grotesque throat slashing, disturbing sex scenes, and male frontal nudity, you got to see a damn good movie. The plot took some unexpected twists, and the director did a damn good job of creating tension in every single scene. But there was this one fight scene in the movie that really had me wanting to get in a fight my damn self. I won't go into detail just in case this little paragraph I have written inspires you to go see it. But while I was watching this it made me realize that I haven't been in enough fights in my 32 years on this earth. I'd say I've gotten in about 5 fights, and 4 of those have been with my brother and that doesn't count, because there's guilt and conscience involved. I"m talking about those fights that if you don't win, there are "serious" consequences like your friends making fun of you, or you losing your bag, or your girl feeling like you're a punk because you got beat up. Seriously, if your girl sees you get beat up, is it possible to get any that night? I doubt it. Of course the reality is that I am 32 years old, and my mind and my mouth is supposed to get me out of situations. But if I keep going to the basketball court, the sky is the limit.

In the Rashad-is-a-good-son department, my mother has been in town since Saturday afternoon. That night, she had an event to go to, so I couldn't see her then. She called me early Sunday morning, and asked me if I wanted to go to church, but by the time I got the message, she was sitting in the church parking lot. Then she asked if I was available for a late lunch, early dinner, and I said I couldn't do it because I wanted to watch football. That didn't initially go over well, but she knows her son, so she didn't make a big deal out of it. Plus it turned out yesterday wasn't good for her anyway, so I will see her today at lunchtime. I felt guilty on and off about this, but not anymore. You may call it selfish, I call it compromise.

This entry just FEELS boring. Blame it on my bad case of the Mondays. And too much football.

When Doves Cry - Prince
23 years I've been listening to this, and this morning is the first time I realized that there is no bassline in the song. None.


hadassah444 said...

Great, this entry got me wanting to fight, LOL

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

You are a terrible son. The Rev. Dr. needs to whoop your ass.

tia said...

re: no bassline


Sha said...

*thumbs down*

nickels said...

oh, rashad.
the lack of bassline is one of the things that makes "when doves cry" pop music history.
how can it be so funky with no bassline?
Prince is a genius.

maxwellsmusze said...

ahhhh the great "sonning" of rashad.

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