Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tevin Campbell's song "Goodbye" was on my ipod this morning, and I am trying to figure out how I didn't notice that he was gay back in the late 80s/early 90s. He looked awkward with women in all his videos, he was curiously soft in his interviews on BET's Video Soul and he just never looked comfortable. Of course this is all in hindsight. Back then, I just appreciated the melodic songs he made by himself, with Al B. Sure and with Chubb Rock. This same theory applies to George Michael. Those nut hugging jeans he wore in his videos should have been a dead giveaway, but I wasn't as "gay savvy" back then I guess. That doesn't even sound right.

I wonder if these superstars with nicknames like Meatloaf, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, and 50 Cent, ever feel stupid when they go on shows or interviews and their nicknames are used, as opposed to their real names. I know I would feel stupid if my real name was James Smith, and as GQ is interviewing me, they keep referring to me as LL. Especially if I hadn't recorded a cd of substance in over 10 years..I think the only person who gets it is Ludacris, who uses his real name of Chris Bridges when he's attempting to act.

Nichole asked me not to talk about Michael Vick anymore but these recent developments are just way too juicy to pass up. Now I understand that the stress he is under my drive him to want to puff a bit of sticky icky, but come on man. You're waiting to be sentenced, you plea bargained so you can get a lighter sentence, the judge and your lawyer(s) told you that you'd possibly be subject to random drug testing, and your employer, the NFL, has a strict policy on drug use, yet you decide that you are going to get blazed anyway. Just the day before this came out, ESPN aired a program called, "The Vick Divide". This program was aired in town hall meeting format in Atlanta, and so many of Vick's supporters kept saying that he was/is a victim, and people need to ease up a bit. True the prosecutors in this case may have gone after him a bit hard, but come on. You make millions, you bet thousands, you buy property to kill/fight dogs, you're a big football star, then you get sentenced, then you smoke weed? And then the feds are supposed to let you slide? Please, that's the stuff promotions are made of. And after all the jail time, and after the NFL suspends him for being in jail, he'll have to sit out another year for testing positive. My suggestion to Vick? Become a rapper. Its way more lucrative.

Oh, if you find time, go respond to Janelle's inquiry.

Sacrifice(live) - The Roots


LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

1. I didn't know we could ask you to stop talking about things. Stop talking about gay people, you seem fixated.

2. People are only trying to say they are going hard on Vick because he's in the media. They go hard on Ray Ray everyday it's just not national news.

3. George Michael is a gay man that I would totally sleep with if I got the change. Mr. Campbell not so much. (no more gay)

lex said...

Now Rashad you know that scrote squeezers were de rigueur for all dudes back in the day

and yeah i never thought about the Tev being gay back then either - i always felt he was a bit lovely though

George Michael was a hottie with his tight jeans and careless whispers, but my affections were with Andrew Ridgeley -the OTHER guy - so i felt exonerated for my quirky choice when it came out that georgie kissed the boys and not the girls

and lol @ ludacris using chris bridges "when he's attempting to act." hilarious. so sardonic you are

Nichole said...

i'd like to second LT in DC's motion re: talking about gay people.
you're fascinated.

i skipped over the vick stuff. :)

george michael is hot. i love his cover of stevie's "they won't go when i go."

Janelle said...

1. He should have just gotten pissy drunk, and least that's legal.

2. I always knew Tevin was "different". There was a boy in my class in elementary school that was jusssst like him. And you can only imagine what the boys in my class called him.

3. Thanks Rashad for trying to move the movement (and flushing it down the toilet..hahahahahahahaaa) but these people suck. In the words of Kanye, "next time tell them to call britney, mannnn." hahahahahahahahaa