Friday, September 14, 2007

'Tis Friday, and I am late getting to work, but while I walked into work, I heard a song entitled, "Like A Feather" by Nikka Costa. I hadn't heard this song in a good while, and it made me remember the sexy video. The video wasn't sexy because she's so attractive, although she's not a bad looking woman. The video was sexy to me, because of the way she moved, the way she danced and just the overall choreography(I just said the same thing 3 different ways). I remember having this discussion a long time ago with isn't about looks(to me), its about the intangibles, and this video has all the intangibles.

Nikka Costa - Like A Feather

And no I didn't listen to Bush's address last night, and if that makes me a bad citizen, then so be it. I knew he was going to do two things. 1)He was going to throw the Democrats a bone by giving a half-assed plan for withdrawal from Iraq and 2)He was going to give a whole-assed plan, to keep us there longer. When I looked at the transcript this morning, that's exactly what he did. I'd rather read the transcript, than look at him smiling and smirking at a quite serious situation. I have this bad feeling that if McCain or Giuliani are elected, they are going to adopt Bush's stance, and keep us invading Iraq and all kinds of foreign "evil-doing" countries. And since we're low on soldiers, that means that they would try to reinstate the draft, which would cause all kinds of upheaval in this country. I realize I sound paranoid and pessimistic, but if you read in between the lines of some of the rhetoric of(3 "of's in the same sentence) some Republican candidates, this is not so far fetched.

Oh and Happy Friday!

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Sha said... also had a great deal to do with the shadowing and cinematography