Thursday, September 06, 2007

Today, after a long hiatus, professional football makes its grand return. Preseason football is a farce, and my interest in college football faded awhile ago, so even though both have been on television the past couple of weeks, THIS is the day I've been looking forward to. This is the day when guys who are sports fans, start making deals with their girlfriends about how their relationship will fit into the football schedule. Deals such as I'll go see Hairspray with you on Friday, if you promise to watch football on Sunday. In my effort to be politically correct, let me also say that there are women who are big football fans, and they too are looking forward to this day. Last year at this time, I don't remember making any deals at all..I sat in front of the television from 11am to 12 midnight and I watched football with reckless abandon. This year will be a bit different as I have to compromise, but still, I am excited. Tonight's game has intrigue for both football and non-football fans. The football(count how many times I've used that word, and you win a scooby snack) fans will appreciate the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts playing the up and coming New Orleans Saints. Casual female(and gay) football fans will be fixated on staring at Reggie Bush and Dhani Jones. And non football fans will be interested in watching "that black coach" (Tony Dungy) face off against "that team that was most affected by Hurricane Katrina. So you see there are numerous reasons to become a football fan tonight, and as you can probably tell I am indeed pumped.

I must confess that I miss my intern. I don't miss any of his Rain Man ways, I just miss his yeoman like work ethic, especially on days like today when I've been out since last week. So if you're reading this Michael, now you know you weren't completely useless(he's not reading this).

Everything Man - Talib Kweli


Sha said...

*drools Dhani Jones

maxwellsmusze said...

i knew you missed that ass clown.