Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Well, day one and a half of the sickness is upon us, and I only feel a little better..actually, i'm not going to sit here and document my sickness, that's very depressing. I'm home again and i'm getting better. End of story.

Adding to my sickness last night, was having to watch Serena Williams get her ass kicked as the US Open by Justine Henin. Henin has now defeated her in the quarterfinals of 3 major events in a row, and I think the frustration of it all finally got to Serena last night, as evidenced by this press conference. She wasn't really mean, but she flashed just enough of her displeasure to let the media know that the question/answer period was going to be short and sweet. Not to mention, she was crying when she left the court. Now I have to root for her sister Venus.

Senator Larry Craig has made an ass out of himself by trying to rescind his resignation. He would like for the public to believe that he really wasn't trying to get some hot man lovin' when he was in the Minnesota airport, and it was all a misunderstanding, and that is hard to believe. The men's restroom in most venues is not a place to linger. You get in, do you business, and roll out. The airport men's restroom is even more of a revolving door, because people have places to go. So I don't know how Senator Craig could linger long enough to be playing footsies with someone in the stall, and then "mistakenly" be confused with a man trying to get some trim in the stall. But he pleads guilty, then says he isn't guilty but resigns, not he's trying to get everything reversed..all because ONE senator, Mr. Arlen Specter, gave him a semi-endorsement. And now the Republican party is working hard to ignore Craig, but he won't go away. The sad part about this is that i am QUITE sure that there are gentlemen in both parties who engage in this type of secret behavior, and they are SWEATING right now hoping it doesn't get out.

And from this bunch, lots of wonderful laws, rules and bills will be passed. Yet there are still people out there who don't vote, because they don't see why they should.

Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen
This is the song that played everytime there was a sensitive moment in Jerry Maguire. I don't even like the damn song, but for some reason it makes me laugh when he sings, "She'll let you innnn". Its an inside joke that I'm attempting to make mainstream. we'll see how this goes.


hadassah444 said...

I never seen Serena look scared. Last night, if was all in her face that she was. Henin is tough and she knew it! My money is on Venus though....

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

having been in the airport this weekend there were lots of Craig jokes made.

Miss Black River said...

That Serena is a bad girl, but I still love her. That Williams candor (or dare I say charm) is the reason people watch tennis. Feel better soon Rashad.