Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here is a list of things you can do when you have an extremely high salary:

1) You can tell your boss that the team you work with sucks horribly, and you want them to either bring in some talent, or you want to be traded to another organization. When the attempts to bring in talent fail, you demand to be traded immediately (Kobe)

2) Despite your bosses repeatedly asking you to report to work, you decide that you need some extra time to decide whether you feel like working. Your job says that they will fine(not fire) you for each day you don't come to work, but because your salary is $5 million a year plus endorsements and per diem and other things, you don't really sweat the fine. Finally, after 39 days, you decide you want to work, and you casually set foot in the office. And all those fines you accrued? You got someone in your union to pay them off for you. (Michael Strahan)

3) You underestimate the losses your company is going to absorb by 4 billion dollars. That staggering loss is primarily due to your risky behavior...allegedly. You attempt a merger/takeover without getting approval from board members. And prior to all of this going down, you brag very publicly about the amount of golf you played in the months of August and September. And to top it all of, once your job decides to get rid of you, the decide to give you 161.5 million worth of accumulated stock, options and retirement benefits. (Stan O'Neal)

I was going to throw in George Bush one too, but that's just overkill

Land of Confusion - Genesis
I shall also post this wonderful video for that song


Sha said...

clearly I'm in the wrong profession.

maxwellsmusze said...

incredible! 161 million AND he gets an office and secretary (oops... executive assistant) for something like the next 3 years.

Janelle said...

When I start making Oprah money, remind me not to put you on the payroll. Because I KNOW your ass will try one of these tactics. hahahahahahaha

lex said...

Dude...all i know is, i'm stepping up my Dale Carnegie.

the whole stan o'neal thing is craziness.

Miss Black River said...

NY Times did an interesting article on the standards for Black executives. Of course my boy Stan was the headliner.