Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here in my office, there are about 4 people who eat lunch everyday around 11:45am. They heat up, buy or un-refrigerate(no way in hell that's a word) their respective lunches, and then they gather in the conference room across from my office. The core group is 4 people, but I have seen as few as 3 and as many as 6 in that conference room that seats about 30. Their conversations usually are pretty lively, and topics include boyfriends, girlfriends, living in this area as opposed to other major cities, and of course other folks in the office. They laugh loud, they put their feet up on the table after they eat, and they leave quite the mess behind. How do I know this? Because at times I've heard people who have REAL business to do in there complain about the mess, and sometimes they even accuse me of making the mess and then I respond like this. There are times when someone is using the conference room something respectable, and this group of 4 goes hunting around the office(in a group I might add) trying to find a spot to host their lunch. It is pretty sad, and needless to say this "conference room lunch crew" annoys me like you wouldn't believe(or would you?), So yesterday I masterminded a master plan to combat this brouhaha.

I decided that I would gather my lunch, and a newspaper to read, and I would strategically sit in the conference room oh I say about 11:40. I tried to get one of my co-workers to go in with me, but they decided that my idea was a bit over the top. I am determined to do this today, because it has been on my mind since yesterday. I don't even care if this crew chooses to join me for lunch, and I don't care if they get scared away. I just want to see the look on their faces when they see me, my lunch and my Washington Post, sprawled all over "their" area.

And yes I am just that petty.

Wicked Game - Chris Isaak


hadassah444 said...

I can't wait to read tomorrow to see how this plays out.

Sha said...

tsk tsk..but i am part of the lunch crew at my job. haha

tia said...

"but they decided that my idea was a bit over the top"

oh rashad.

lex said...

enfant terrible!

shame on your pettiness...but, do tell of the outcome lol

(and why would they blame you for the mess?)

nickels said...

ugh. i can't stand lunch crews.
at the job in dc, they tried to force me in one, and whenever i'd do my own thing, they'd act like i betrayed them or something.

bfnh. said...

fantastic idea.

there was this "european" dude who kept heating up bratislava or something else each morning. it smelt of some sort of ghoulish goulash. it was a daily thing. i started to write about it, but it let up.

i have a truly erratic lunch schedule and am seated away from the caf so i haven't noticed any trends here yet. there was a "morning crew" but i've since started to eat at my desk and don't see them anymore.