Thursday, October 04, 2007

In general, I try to be the kind of person to end a conversation on a high note, whether it be at work, at a public function or with friends. This means once I see a particular conversation is on its last legs, I throw in a joke, a smart comment, or just something that is upbeat. This allows me to walk away prematurely, but the other person neither minds nor notices, because they are busy reflecting on the humor I just dropped on them. Comedians use a technique similar to this when they do standup. They will tell a funny joke, then start the next joke, while the crowd is still laughing to avoid that dead silence. Chris Rock is a master at this technique. So anyway, this morning I was talking to this woman at my job about football and the woman who just got fired here at my job. I sensed the conversation was headed towards a dreaded lull, so I thought about, then seemingly executed my end-on-a-high note joke, and I started to walk away, but she called my name as I walked away, and I made the mistake of answering her. I was so flabbergasted at this turn of events, that it took me literally 10 minutes to re-collect myself and roll out of her office. This time around I didn't even try to finesse my exit, I just told her, let me go do some work, and I gently slapped the wall to her office(if you can picture this, it is actually pretty funny). She continued to talk about something, but this time I didn't turn back. I call people like her lingerers. They don't let you leave their office, and they damn sure don't leave yours. These same people are pains in the ass to meet or see in public, because they act as if you have all day to listen to them rant and rave about nothing. That goes against everything I believe in, which is quick, short and efficient conversations. I have also noticed that once you get over 50, and get some grandchildren, you become a lingerer by default. Its in the job description.

This Masquerade - George Benson


Sha said...

i swear u need to be added to the cast of "The Office". You and Stanley would light up the small screen..ahaha

maxwellsmusze said...

haha! i think rashad would be an awesome addition to the office. i could see him killing dwight though. the first murder on the office.

Janelle said...

Start coughing uncontrollably, and screech out "need...water", and run off. that always works for me.


pull out your cell phone from your pocket, call voicemail, and say I'm sorry I have to take this. this works too.


lex said...

ending on at a high-note is something more people should do

on some "thats it for me!"

i love that, and fie on the lady who wouldn't let you execute it

did you have to let it lingerrr (c)the cranberries