Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One of the most entertaining aspects of a rainy morning commute, is watching people struggle with flimsy umbrellas. These are the people who never really bothered for purchase a sizable, sturdy umbrella like this. These people prefer to purchase umbrellas that are sold on the street for $5-$10. Or they just steal umbrellas that have been left behind on the train, at their job, etc. Or sometimes these people just rely on umbrellas that their significant other gives to them, before they leave out. I have been all of these individuals at some point in my 32 year old life, but this is before I upgraded. This morning, I saw many people who still haven't invested towards an umbrella upgrade, and they decided to take on this morning's rainy commute ill-equipped for success. They would walk a few steps, then the wind would blow, and this individuals would be on the brink of pulling a Mary Poppins. Or if they were able to survive the wind, their umbrellas would not, and it would flip inside out leaving the umbrella holder wet, flustered and eventually umbrella-less. I suppose if I were a true gentleman, I would have offered the two ladies I saw struggling some shelter under my massive umbrella, but two people walking under one umbrella is a bit cumbersome, so I passed. Perhaps THAT will motivate them to upgrade.

I have been watching Dancing With The Stars on and off during the past few weeks. At first I had to watch as part of the deal I cut with my ladyfriend. I asked her to watch some football with me, and she in turn asked me to watch some of her shows, and Dancing With The Stars was a part of the deal. Then once I watched the show, I noticed that I had three good reasons to watch: 1)Floyd Mayweather, a boxer i admire, Mark Cuban, a billionaire who I simply cannot stand and Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown whose breasts STAY out on display. So every week I'd watch to see Floyd thrive, Cuban fail, and Scary breasts, and I got deeo into the show. Floyd was eliminated last week, and last night, Mark Cuban's stiff, smug ass was finally eliminated too. I'll reserve the true reason for my Mark Cuban hate for another blog, but I was glad to see him go. So now, the only reason I watch is to see Scary bounce around. If you get a chance, take a look at her in action. I know my man card could be revoke for this paragraph, so if you're a man and you're reading this, please watch the damn clip, so you'll understand.

I Can't Help It - Michael Jackson


Sha said...

Preach! I invested in a Totes automatic up and down's so worth it. When entering and exit the bus or a building you can't pay for convenience.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I've invested in umbrellas but that didn't work. I think I have bad luck. But this Feline's basement model ain't gonna cut it either.

I have a picture of Mel B's assets taped to the wall near my bed. It's my daily reminder to exercise.

lex said...

I was a victim of cheap umbrellas...and i finally caved in and spent decent money on one after having mine blow inside out one too many times. In front of people. At the bus stop. Where little kids laughed at me.

As for Mel B, her tatas are amazing. I'd even venture bouyant. Is she breastfeeding? I never noticed them in her spice girl days.