Monday, October 29, 2007

Random thoughts...

-Once the weather begins to get a little cooler, there is nothing better than walking from the bed to the bathroom with a warm floor. In my old apartment I had hard wood floors, and the ground would be ice cold, and I would be miserable for the rest of the day. Today, the ground was warm, the shower was warm, everything was gravy.

-Its a sad day to be a Washington Redskins fan. I've been quiet about my Eagles this year, because they have been mediocre, but damn, we've never been blown out like that.

-Why do people wait until Monday morning to decide they aren't coming into work? I am willing to bet money, that they made that decision early on Sunday. But to make it more believable, they call on Monday morning with a groggy voice to say they won't be coming in to the office. This is why when I take off work on Monday, i go ahead and take Tuesday off as well. It makes the whole I'm-sick-groggy-voice shtick go over a bit easier

Not a lot to say this morning.

Eminem - Mosh

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lex said...

the washington game was a mess. I was soo hoping the skins would win but no. that was a total routing.

so that leaves the colts to beat new england. and they'd better.

As far as the eagles...they won. i suppose i should be happier?