Friday, October 12, 2007

A Tale of Two Men. Eight years ago, one man "won" the election and became president, and the other had to reluctantly concede the election and hang his head in shame. Immediately afterwards, one man had to lead this country through terrorists attacks and eventually to a war that is STILL very much an issue. The other man laid low for awhile, trying to determine what his next move would be. Four years later, one man was re-elected(no quotes he really won this time...I think), and continued to "lead" this country, while the other man decided he would re-devote his energies to the issue of global warming (an issue that some think is bogus, but that's another blog entry). And now today, one man's approval rating is at an all time low, he is getting accused of wonderful crimes such as these, and his intelligence is constantly being questioned. And the other man's crusade on global warming and his approach, won him an award synonymous with intelligence and vision. That being said, I hope Gore doesn't decide to put himself in the running to succeed Bush. The luster would wear off, his flaws would be magnified tenfold, and he'd go back to being a loser. He should pull a Colin Powell and be as vague as possible, for as long as he can, as a way of playing mind games with the other candidates.

How hard is it to be accountable for your child? How hard is it to come home from work, ask your kid about his day, his homework and other things on his or her mind? How hard is it to snoop in your kids' room after they leave for school, to see what is in their room and what they are up to? How difficult is it to not be creepy and abuse your child whether it be sexually or otherwise? Well apparently in Cleveland and in Pennsylvania these concepts are foreign and difficult to achieve. One kid had a history of neglect and abuse, and the other kid had an arsenal that would make the national guard jealous. Oh and by the way, his mother bought him some of the ammo. I'm sure there will be an uproar from other parents and community leaders to tighten up school security and all that jazz, but honestly, the problem is with the parents, and they are the ones who should be punished for their kids' indiscretions since they created these little monsters.

This is way too serious of an entry for it to be a Friday

Heart of the City (Ain't No Love) - Jay-Z


Sha said...

OMG! You're killing me? Did you have bran for breakfast...geez!

Janelle said...

What happened to buying your kids a computer, an IPOD, the Battleship game ("you sunk my battleship?!!!!" hahahahahahahahaha)??!! But ammo??? For what other reason does a child need that except for to kill or maim?? I'm usually not a proponent of parents paying for the sins of their child but that mother needs to be locked up in a ward with big burly women.

nickels said...


LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I wouldn't condone parents going to jail for kids problems. I mean my sister would have had my mother in jail. But moms didn't enable my sister in anyway.

Buying your child ammo? Unless... wait there isn't a reason.