Thursday, October 11, 2007

The temperature dropped a bit this morning, so of course there were brilliant people who dug deep into their fall line of clothing to unearthed their coats. I saw a coat with some white fur on the neck, I saw what looked to be a Triple Fat Goose jacket(unzipped though, so he wouldn't get too hot), and then I saw a woman with a trench coat on(an Executive if you will). This woman had her trench coat buttoned just about to the top, and the jacket came down to her knees. From my vantage point, it looked as if this woman had nothing on under the coat except for the heels of course. Her skirt must have been shorter than the coat, and whatever kind of top she was wearing was also hidden. The only thing ruining this moment, was the fact that this woman was pretty damn unattractive. Now up to this point, I was never really on the naked-under-the-trenchcoat-as-a-fantasy bandwagon, but I think I will attempt to get my lady to sign off on incorporating this into our repetoire. Sadly, this is not a fantasy that works both ways, because if I tried to travel anywhere outside of my own apartment limits, naked under a trench coat, I'm quite sure I would be tackled, beaten and tased....bro.

I'm also adding two items to the ever-growing list of things that men simply should not do: 1)Men should not wear a suit and tennis shoes. Now I've seen women pull this off, but they can do that considering how uncomfortable heels and some dress shoes can be. But guys shouldn't be doing anything of the sort. There are way too many comfortable dress shoes for guys out there, and none of them involve heels. Just man up, walk around, and when you get to your desk, take your shoes off if need be. But walking around with sneakers and a nice suit, like you're Kanye at the Emmys simply is not classy. 2)Men shouldn't pop their gum. Actually I don't like for women to do it either, but its especially annoying to hear a man do it. I had the pleasure of hearing this yesterday while standing at the ATM machine. This man had a nice suit on(no sneakers), but he kept popping his gum, and at one point I looked him dead in his eye(as if my stares have power), and he just kept right on going. I equate gum popping in public with teenagers and juvenile behavior, not grown ass men.

Last night was a very significant one for sports fans. It was the last sportsless night of the year. I mean sure there was hockey and a b.s. college football game on last, but no one was watching that anyway. Tonight the baseball playoffs resume, and in a little bit basketball starts, and this is the only month when basketball, baseball, football and hockey are all on at the same time, which means sports will be on non-stop for quite some time. I realize this means absolutely nothing to must of the people reading, but its very significant to me my friends.

Lenny Kravitz - You're My Flavor


Kawana said...

YES!! Sports everyday! Sportscenter will be worth keeping on from the time I go to sleep til the time I leave for work.

If you leave the house with a trenchcoat, Chris Hensen will probably be outside your door to greet you.

~k (T minus 9 days)

hadassah444 said...

Yeah men should not pop gum!!