Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There is an expression called "inside baseball" that was based on this guy named Bill James who is a baseball historian. Not only would he talk about baseball, but he'd dig deep to find the lesser known stats that only a fanatic would care about. Often times during sports talk radio, an announcer will say, "I'm about to go inside baseball on you" and that means that he or she is about to speak on a topic(not necessarily baseball) that only few know or care about. If I didn't listen to sportstalk radio every day of my life, I would not know this. But I listen, so I do. That being said, I'm about to go inside baseball with a topic that I have discussed with a few people already.

I have seen two different trailers for the movie, American Gangster that comes on November 2nd. There's one trailer that has regular movie music in it, and it is about 30 seconds long. I believe its the one they show on regular television. The other trailer is the one they show in the movie theatres and it is about 2 minutes long. Now the star power shown in this trailer(Denzel, Russell Crowe, Common, T.I. the gun specialist, Chiwetel Okafor, and many more) is enough to get you excited about this movie. But the EXACT moment when I KNEW I had to see this movie occurs at the 45 second mark of this trailer. You see a dark figure walking thru an empty bar or restaurant with a gun in his right hand, and at the same time you hear the beginning of this song. Someone told me that this part made them want to go out and kill someone, and I don't quite feel that strongly about it. But this part of the trailer definitely has an intensity(to me at least) to it that makes you feel like this movie is about to the best thing since unprotected sex in the morning. But don't just take my word for it my friends, check out the trailer your damn self. Turn the speakers up just a bit, and notice how the energy level raises a bit at the 45 second mark.

American Gangster trailer


Sha said...

Denzel sells any role he's in man!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jay Z ripped it ... but the orignal song was made by none other than the legendary Bobby "Blue" Bland - shoot if you ain't know, ask yo' grandmama.


Sab D