Thursday, October 18, 2007

There was a time when Howard Homecoming was a really big deal for me and my boys. We would print out emails to get discounted admission into parties, we would drown ourselves in the finest cologne, we'd be dressed to the nines(whatever that means), and we'd hit up every party there was. There usually would be a happy hour, a late night party, a trip up and down the yard(the main, social area of the campus for you clueless people), we would drive up and down the historic U St., and all of these festivities were designed for us to hopefully convince a young lady (or possibly two) to give us some. Nothing like that ever happened, and we would always go home (not together, because that's ghey) tipsy, if not drunk, sexually frustrated, but strangely satisfied to some degree. Fast forward about 6-7 years, and things have definitely changed. My boy Kevin half heartedly inquired about my intent on participating, and basically said I'd be spending the weekend with my ladyfriend. He was trying to get motivated to buy a plane ticket to come in town, but I won't be at all surprised if he doesn't. And I am 100% sure that my boy Cliff has no interest in coming in town either. The fact is these days, when I think of Howard Homecoming, I think of alumni, students and other people making lines longer, restaurants busier, and my neighborhood more crowded, and frankly that just flat out irritates me. It can't be my age, because people older than I am, are preparing to take this homecoming weekend by storm as I type. I just think it no longer fits my 2007 personality.

By the way, I am realizing the when you wear certain flat front pants, you CANNOT afford to have a solitary dirty thought.

Thanks for listening.

So, as a tribute to the time when I had a ball at Howard Homecoming, I shall attach the song that epitomizes that moment when you get off work early on Friday, and head down to the festivities.

Luchini - Camp Lo


Sha said...

my coworker is pumped. I haven't been to a Howard Homecoming event since eh..and the restaurant club has the nerve to wanna go to Ohhhs and Ahhs saturday..geez..

tia said...

the last time i went to howard's homecoming on purpose was in '95. i had lots of fun though.

lex said...

i've heard many a thing about the greatness that is Howard's homecoming

not that it ever motivated me to come down for it...but anywayz

as far as the flat front pants...please R no wardrobe malfunctions

nichole said...

i love seeing and being in the midst of beautiful black people, but i hate it when they gotta act ugly.

shawty (at the time) and his homeboy almost got into an altercation once 'cause some pissy drunk n-word (can i say nigga on your blog?) wanted to show out for some chicks who wanted cake.

so that soured me on HU's homecoming, although i know that could've happened at any time for any event.

flat front pants are God's version of thin bras that reveal a woman's cold state.

Bashful said...

My line sister has been begging me to go this year and I am not feeling it. I have too much stuff going on to spend my day and night sitting in Georgia Avenue traffic, trying to get into what is going to be a crowded step show and paying over priced admission fees to get into a party.

Maybe if she starts trying to pump me up in July to go, then I will be excited, ready an willing to go.