Wednesday, November 28, 2007

During my 3 minute walk from the train station to my job, I heard a song come on my ipod entitled, "You'll Never Find A Better Woman" By Teedra Moses.. In the song, she speaks of the numerous examples of neglect her man has showed during the course of their relationship. And apparently on her way out the door, she humbly tells him that he'll never find anyone better than her. Well guess what Teedra? Yes he will, and so will you.

Anyway, the song got me thinking about the arrogant things people say once they leave or get left in a relationship. I've heard things as tame as, "You are going to miss me" and "I'm the best thing that ever happened to you" to "No one is going to f*ck you like I do" or "who are you going to find to make you come so hard". Now I am quite sure that men do this type of thing too, but since I've never dated or severed ties with one, I can't speak on it. But when women do this to me, I just keep silent because I surely don't want to aggravate an already sensitive situation. But in my mind, I want to mush them and tell them to shut the hell up. Breakups are rough and they are also emotional, but you make things worse by making a jackass of yourself by possibly overplaying just how vital you were to that person. Instead of just saying, this person wasn't for me or this person got the best of me, and I have to leave, other ill-placed emotions come out. Its the equivalent of the Dallas Cowboys getting their ass kicked by the New England Patriots, and then saying to the media, "We lost that game, they didn't win.". Come on man..sometimes you just have to take the fat L, learn your lesson and live to see another day. Of course, I have never been on the receiving end of a breakup, so I can't really say how I would react, so this may render my whole entry void.

My point here is that after a breakup, both parties will eventually bounce back, both parties will be happy if not happier, and it is quite possible their new partners will make them feel way better than the previous ones. Its just how life is..although I will say that every man and woman has that ONE person, who really would devastate their life if they left, and it takes an entire village of friends and family to restore that person's confidence. I am with such a person right now, and sometimes, in those quiet moments that I rarely speak about, I think about how I would feel if she upped and left me, and how sad and broken up I would be if I know longer had her. But that's why kidnapping was invented right?

just kidding. Oh and I LOVE the Patriot Act!!!!

Love's Still Good - Chico Debarge


hadassah said...

Dr. Mobley, can you tell what's the time frame on bouncing back?
because I'm still stuck, lol

I smiled how you ended this....

Bashful said...

Rashad, Rashad, Rashad you have always had such an optimistic view when it comes to love and relationships. I'm glad to see nothing has tainted that view.

Janelle said...

Its all about ego, man. Its better to say "ok. Fuck you. Lose my number." or the classic "I hate you. fuck you. you can't fuck all that great anyway. I was faking it." hahahahahahahahaha

yeah I got issues. hahahahahaha

nickels said...

i'm trying to think if i've ever made such departing comments.
i think i did once, but it wasn't in a funky way.
we were hugging it out, and through my tears, i snurgled (as in sniffled-gurgled), "you know you're fucking up, right?" and he replied, equally waterly, "yeah. i know."
and then his life was hell.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I don't think i've said to the person. But I've damn sure thought it and I'm right. You can't tell me i'm not the

Anonymous said...

I've thought those things, but never said it. I guess my thing is, what does it matter now? It's over for a reason. I am more concerned about learning from my mistakes than anything else.

lex said...

you'll never find...(c) lou rawls is my motto when it comes relationships.

i like to believe i am the ne plus ultra in what will now become his sordid and pathetic life once i leave the picture. Overplay my role? Pish tosh and poppycock.

*adjusts pink spectacles*