Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am here in Greensboro, North Carolina visiting my mother for the Thanksgiving holiday. My brother, my sister-in-law, and my year old nephew(fresh off his FIRST haircut) are coming down here as well. After picking me up from the airport, my mother had to stop by the Bennett College campus to take care of some fact that's where I am blogging from now. Since I have been here in her office, about 67 women(this is an all girls school) have come in here and introduced themselves to me, and somewhere in the conversation they all manage to look at my hand, and then ask why I am not married. Initially I was a little confused, because I know plenty of 32 year old men who are very much single. Then it was brought to my attention, that people in the South tend to get married a little quicker, because Southern hospitality and family values have been beaten in their heads from day one. I'm sure that's not true for all Southern men and women, but that theory has definitely played itself out over the past 2 hours. And its not that I'm even against marriage, because I definitely have marriage on my menu. I just haven't had to deal with folks(who weren't family) asking me what's taking so long.

We Are One - Ledisi and Rahsaan Patterson


LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

"When are you guys getting married?" Is the question I hate the most. I hope it doesn't come up too much this weekend.

Sha said...

You and yours have a wonderful turkey day. And congrats on your positive step. :)

lex said...

"marriage on my menu."

word. :)

my grandma's been grilling me about my love life, and its kind of freaking me out. She's southern as well, not to mention she tied the not at the ripe old age of 17, so seeing me at 20+ w/no spouse is making her nervous

nickels said...

and why is the lady not in nc, too?

as a southern woman, i had to put that question out there.

Bashful said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family... I love the musical selection, that is one of my favorite cuts off of that CD. :)