Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I don't know what it is, but I frequently have problems with older white women asking me to do things for them. It is something I have to get over, and I know its based on me thinking that somewhere in their heads, lies some racial discrimination, but in reality I am the racist one. I can have a white guy ask me to lift something for him, or help him carry something, and I can let it slide. And of course, I have no problem helping out someone of my same race, or any other race for that matter. The only reason I would say no is out of sheer laziness. But there's something about an older white lady, who can barely pronounce my name, asking me to lift, carry or move something for her that really makes me angry. This happened a couple times yesterday, and the first time she did it, I started to say, "Do it your goddamned self", but that would have promptly gotten me fired I'm sure. I guess the alternative would have been for me to ask her to call a janitor or building services, but then I'm seen as hostile or confrontational I guess. The second time it happened, I just looked her dead in the face and moved something for her, and she looked away feeling uncomfortable i'm sure. This is unfair on my part I know, but its one of my flaws I continue to improve upon.

I could be extremely naive here, or maybe as a mere citizen I don't have a clear understanding of the totality of the situation, but it bothers me that we are giving billions of dollars to Musharraf and Pakistan, and at the same time we readily admit that we aren't quite sure he's using the money the right way. That is a gamble of epic proportions. That's dumber than betting that the Dolphins will beat New England next week. In this country, when the government gives or lets you borrow money, you have to do some type of justification as to how you'll spend it, and in some cases, in order to CONTINUE getting money, you have to itemize how you spent it. But in this case, we have no real clue as to what's going on, yet the money floweth. Selfishly speaking, about half of that money could be spent on rebuilding the schools in the DC area. Less money being put into school system means that the sharpest minds aren't always in the class which means that smart teacher who could reach that previously unreachable kid, is now in a more lucrative profession and the kids still suffer, and then they turn to violence. I am oversimplifying a bit here, but I'm not that far off. A solution to this problem may not be able to happen until January 20th, 2009, but it was on my mind enough to write about it.


Sha said...

i guess you look like a strapping black buck...*shrugs*


helpful.. lol ...w00t!

lex said...

Let me find out you work with Mayella Ewell and she's axing fer you ta buss up chiffarobes lol

And I feel you as far as the schools...we could use the money here too. Badly. Its an untenable situation really.